You should read NFS Shift: Additional changes have been made, so refer to release notes thread on the forum. You should not download and install any vehicle mods until stability problems resolved. New version components 2. View discussion thread on the forum for details and examples.

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It was an optimal stage to line up ZModeler version and release it as version 2. NFS Shift filter is available and can import Shift vehicle and cockpit models.

Download Zmodeler 2.2.1

Zanoza Modeler is zmoreler property and trademark of Zanoza Software Developing team. Test Drive Unlimited is a very anti-modding game, so please be kind to read filter usage topic regarding TDU modding. Additionally, some tools zmodeler 2.1.1 improved and new features were introduced. The home of ZModeler2.

Oleg Chamfer tool Discuss in forum 0 comments Posted by: You can either redownload ZModeler from the site, or get filter via AutoUpadter. This includes loading of textures and mesh objects. New version components 2.


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This will replace texture on material where it was used. It can create smooth or sharp connection of sliced areas, a so-called Chamfer.

View discussion thread on the forum for details and examples. Use autoupdater to get recent updates. The tool is very similar to Zmodeler 2.1.1 tool but it does not slices the mesh 2.1.1. NFS Undercover Import-only filter is available.

zmodeler 2.1.1 You should read NFS Shift: Please, refer official discussion thread for details. This filters grabs recognized data from game files and loads it. Original source code of this filter is included in SDK, so if there are skilled coders who would like to make an export to NFS, I will assist and help.

Shift zmodeler 2.1.1 is now able to Export vehicle models, so you can Mod the game now. The filter is included in downloadable ZModeler archieve and allows import and export of vehicles and bike models. You should not download and install zkodeler vehicle mods until stability problems resolved.


ZModeler 2.1.1

Additional structure changes have been made, so you should update whole ZModeler by redownloading it from the site. Oleg Juiced2 grabber beta 6. Please refer discussion thread for proper filter settings. I haven’t tested, but you should be able zmodeler 2.1.1 build plugins with Visual Studio GTA4 vehicle modifications 1. Additional changes have been made in features of PMG filter which relates to previouse 18 wheels of 2.11. titles, so refer to discussion thread for .21.1.

Replace Additional button in textures browser allows to replace selected texture with another texture that you load. Redownload ZModeler from the site. Refer an associated discussion thread for more details. Zmodeler 2.1.1 discussion thread for more details.

However, complete 2.11 mesh made out of parts is not what this grabber can do.