XStandard makes it easy for business users to add semantic meaning to text and objects by inserting custom tags. They can also serve as placeholders for dynamic content. Then add a small JavaScript function that will copy data from the editor to a hidden field when the form is submitted. The ability to browse and insert markup snippets from a library called “Directory”. Since developers can attribute friendly, meaningful names to each style for examle, “Chapter Heading” or “Sale Price” , authors find it easy to recognize and apply the right formatting to the right content. The editor is fully keyboard-accessible, produces markup that satisfies the most demanding accessibility standards, and its Screen Reader Preview and Images As Text features encourage understanding and authoring of accessible content. How is XStandard Pro licensed for Web applications?

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XStandard is a registered trademark. Copyright c Belus Technology Inc.

XStandard Lite

Please contact us if you have any questions. I host many Web sites on my server. Is concurrent User licensing available? Uploaded folders are automatically zipped and a hyperlink created to the zipped file. The ability to disable the time stamp in View Source.

ScriptQ orders jobs in priority series for execution, reschedules failed jobs, and prevents xstandard lite jobs from blocking the execution of valid jobs.


Web services are availble in the following versions: Drag images from the desktop into the editor. The result will be meaningless and sound like this.

Please contact our Sales or Support staff. In your CMSxstahdard would then read data from this hidden field. Create new language versions easily.

XStandard Developer’s Guide: Features

In terms of licensing, it is you not your customer who is responsible for purchasing the necessary number of Users and URLs. This means content is laid out in linear fashion, together with information that xstandard lite author would normally not see alternate text, table summaries, tool tips, etc. CMS vendors can opt out of this xstandard lite at any time. In the example below, a custom tag acts as a placeholder for the latest stock price: The Lite version of XStandard is freeware and can be used xstandaard commercial applications.

The XHTML WYSIWYG Editor For Desktop & Web Applications

XStandard is a true Unicode editor. Permits entire folders to be dragged directly into the editor. XStandard version 3 and 2 use the same Web services. Both are made xstandard lite under a license that is compatible with most open source licenses, such as GPL. In the example below, a custom tag acts as a placeholder for the latest stock price:. Previewing content in this fashion prompts authors to make necessary changes prior to publishing.


What should we do if we’re an open source Xstandard lite vendor and are interested in the program? Base64 is also the preferred method for encoding binary data in XML documents. Distinguishes between decorative and informative images XStandard ensures that images are used correctly by prompting authors to identify images as decorative or informative, when images are uploaded through the editor or referenced in a remote library.

The ability to change icons via icons. Since XStandard stores its localization data in an independent XML file, XStandard’s 22 standard interface languages can be easily modified rewordedor entirely new xstandard lite versions of XStandard can be created. For more information contact us.

Larger URL packs are also available. Subdocuments are essentially custom elements that act as placeholders for content stored outside the document, within the CMS. User-friendly style names speed the authoring process. Set limits on file size and type.