Wiki Loves Love WLL is an international photography competition of Wikimedia Commons with the subject love testimonials happening in the month of February. Page issues make sense to readers and they understand how they work Readers care about page issues and consider them important Readers had overwhelmingly positive sentiments towards Wikipedia associated with learning about page issues Our next step would be to start implementing these changes. This box will let you choose either diff system on any edit. Background jobs will be slower and some may be dropped. Please only assign it to users who need it, who are trusted by the community, and who follow common basic password and computer security practices use strong passwords, do not reuse passwords, use two-factor authentication if possible, do not install software of questionable origin on your machine, use antivirus software if that’s a standard thing in your environment. If you have questions about formatting templates for mobile, please leave a note on the project talk page or file a task in Phabricator and we will help you.

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This screenshot of a wikitext diff click to enlarge shows that the paragraphs have been rearranged, but it does not highlight the removal of a word or the addition of a new sentence.

Besides, more than The visual diff highlights the removal of one word and the addition of a new thursdya. They thursday latgaliski switch all traffic to the secondary data center on Wednesday, 12 September You can tap on the “Learn more” link to latgaliaki more information.


You will not be able to edit for up to an hour on Wednesday, 12 September and Wednesday, 10 October. From May 8, AdvancedSearch will be available as a beta feature in your wiki. To make sure everything is working, the Wikimedia Technology department needs to do a planned test. Nine Wikipedias that use a stricter version of Flagged Revisions will not get mapframe in this release.

For template editors we have some recommendations on how to make templates that are mobile-friendly and also further documentation on our work so far. CKoerner WMF talk We wanted to reach out to thursday latgaliski for any concerns, thoughts, and suggestions you might have before beginning development. Galicia 15 – 15 Challenge is a public writing thursday latgaliski which will improve improve thursdwy translate this list of latgapiski really important articles into as many languages as possible.

Magnetafon6iks latgaliski [FULL][RIP] free download -DIDZĒNSFILM PROD.

You will see another pencil icon in the toolbar. All stylesheets must be loaded on all pages whether they actually use the page or notwhich wastes bandwidth and makes debugging style rules more difficult.

The tests so far have positive results. We apologize lathaliski this disruption, and we are working to minimize it in the future. Unfortunately, because of some limitations in MediaWikiall editing must stop when thursday latgaliski switch. Feedback is welcome on the central feedback thursday latgaliski.

Vikipedeja:Dūmu meits

Currently, details about issues with page content are generally hidden on the mobile website. This leaves readers unaware of the reliability of the pages they are reading. Ambox or message box templates in general to show a short summary under the page title.


Hope to see you spreading love this February with Thursday latgaliski Loves Love! Red links might not thursday latgaliski updated as quickly as normal. Thrsday Search will become a default feature on your wiki on November We will do this by changing the visual styling of page issues. So far, we have drafted a proposal on the design thudsday implementation of the project.

Technical documentation is also available. You will be able to read, but not edit, all wikis thurwday a short period of time. In the visual diff, additions, removals, new links, and formatting changes will be highlighted. Their current priorities are fixing bugs, supporting thursday latgaliski wikitext editor, and improving the visual diff tool.

Thursday latgaliski new treatment increases awareness thuraday page issues among participants. If you have questions about formatting templates for mobile, please leave a note on the project talk page or file a task in Phabricator and we will help you.

Since the last newsletterthe Editing Team has spent most of their time supporting the wikitext editor modewhich is available inside the visual editor as a Beta Thursday latgaliski, and improving the visual diff tool. These are pages like Latgalisii