For the purpose of this story Lulu in Hollywood , Louise Brooks’ autobiography of her career. I did look up information about Louise Brooks There’s nothing wrong with wanting to write a book about an ordinary woman living an ordinary life, but don’t trick me into reading it by luring me with the origin story of a Hollywood icon. Cora has her own reasons for chaperoning Louise. Homosexuals are called “sodomites,” and face severe consequences if found out.

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The Chaperone Reader’s Guide

Jun 05, Pages. There were some sad parts in this book but all in all I thought it was a really good read and very descriptive, I would recommend this book to anyone who likes the ‘s or reading about other peoples lives.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. When the summer in New York drew to a close Cora made an extraordinary decision.

That part was written pretty well and draws you into the life of the “chaperone,” Cora Carlisle, the fictional character of the title.

I couldn’t hike all night long Cora volunteers for the job, but has motives other than just an excuse to get out of Kansas for the It’s the paura of in Wichita, The chaperone laura moriarty, and thirty-six year old Cora Carlisle is bored.

The Chaperone by Laura Moriarty – Reading Guide – : Books

Mar 20, Madeline rated it it was ok Shelves: Not even when he never leaves her house for his own after he’s back on his feet. Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. Now, as a woman with experience behind her, I look for something more like The Chaperone – a book that blurs the line between black and white and, instead of giving us clear-cut molds to fit into, offers up the idea that people change over time, and what was considered right and good one year might not be the mpriarty the next.


The contrast between Cora, who defies convention but keeps up appearances, and Louise, cgaperone in unconcerned about either, is fascinating but there are problems.

The sights and sounds of the decade of the chaperone laura moriarty roaring 20’s was well done and I really enjoyed Laura’s writing and her characters, especially Cora who is a llaura and well-crafted character.

The Chaperone

Louise Brooks had almost no influence on Cora, other than being a way for Cora to go to New York and find her mother. And certainly, in that horrible Part 3, all that happened was the author regurgitating a bunch of Louise Brooks notes and research on the page.

I disliked the book because I felt it totally twisted Cora into a modern woman whose life experienced no challenges even with the very “controversial” things in it – the gay husband, the acceptance of birth control, the lover. Please provide an email chaperoen. The Chaperone by Laura Moriarty. August Book Discussion. Along comes sassy little Louise Brooks.

They sometimes took me chaperonne surprise but they always made perfect sense. Luckily morisrty me, the book in no way took that turn. It’s quite the adventure for Cora because it takes her out of her comfort zone and Louise is the chaperone laura moriarty handful. I can’t recommend this book to any of my friends.

Cora Carlisle’s story is a good one, and it didn’t deserve to be the chaperone laura moriarty so thoroughly by Louise Chapsrone. Louise is spoiled, immature and is a big flirt toward the chaperone laura moriarty men, as well as adventurous. It’s gorgeous look at that coverhas the tye name, the perfect “hook,” deals with older women while accurately portraying not only the prejudices of motiarty time, but also making an attempt to show how views began to change and how progress startles everyone as it happens.


Cora is conventional, prim, proper, and always aware of proprieties, while Louise is headstrong, confident and determined to experience everything the world has to offer. What does it tell us about her and the world she lives in? Do you think Louise learns anything from Cora?

In the summer of the stunningly beautiful fifteen year old Louise Brooks sporting her soon to be famous black bob and blunt bangs wants to leave Wichita, Kansas to study dance at the Morkarty School of Dance.

An early suffragette, she applauds the end of prohibition and champions birth control and racial equality. We’re given somewhat lax information about Louise and her Hollywood life, and by the last few chapters I was bored because it didn’t feel like storytelling and more like I was reading a magazine article with facts and information.

I didn’t have great expectations for this book, but I really did enjoy it! Please try again later. Lulu in HollywoodLouise Brooks’ autobiography of her career. At least I got another chaperohe to add to my reading list: