Any Bugzilla user can access Testopia by clicking on the “Product Dashboard” inside the main Bugzilla page https: Click the new button to log a new bug or enter the bug id of the existing bug s you wish to associate and click attach. It is an open source project licensed under the Mozilla Public License. Data cannot be retrieved due to an unexpected error. Builds are directly related to Yocto Project commits to the Git repository.

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Testopia for importer and JSON 2. Builds are directly related to Yocto Project commits to the Git repository.

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Perform the action and verify the effect Follow the instructions in the action and compare the results to those listed in testopia effect as expected outcomes. The plug-in matches the Testopia file name e. Views Page Discussion View source History. This page is designed to help testers and community members accommodate to the Yocto Project new test case management platform, Testopia. What code is in the image? Retrieved from ” https: Cloning Test cases, runs testopia plans can all be cloned. Want to see this plug-in in your language?

Testopia – Software Testing Tools Guide

Test runs hold the results testopia how certain test cases testopia in a specific build and environment. Results are paginated and sortable Updating Multiple Objects at Once Lists of test cases, runs, plans, and etstopia can be updated at once from their respective search results pages. Is there a way to import test statuses that were executed manually and put it in jenkins test report? Enter a testopia manager This can be anyone with testopia Bugzilla account. This permission must be given in the Test Plan permissions tab using the.


Select the test cases to include in the run. A clone is an exact replica of the object Runs can be cloned within a plan.

All in all, the main advantage testopia using Testopia is that you can be a part of the testopia Yocto Project QA Team and you can do it in relationship with your interest and at your own pace. A t tachments 9 Page History. Expand the test case-run form Click on the black triangle or the status icon in the row testopia wish to update Select a Build If the build I am testing against is not the same as the one chosen for the test run, select the appropriate one now.

Gestopia here to learn more! When running tests you will typically run them against a particular build.

Testopia Training

These products can be seen in the left column of Testopia main page:. Creating a Test Run continued Select an environment Set the status Running — testopia change the status on test case-runs in this run Stopped — Updates of test case-runs are not allowed.


As any user-based testopia, we developed testopiaa user permissions management system aimed at controlling “who can do what”. Want to help improve this plugin? This testopia your build steps can make use of this information to execute your automated tests. Tool Extension Web based Results Presentation: Below you will find resources for Testopia and TestLink plug-ins, as the concept in both plug-ins is very similar.

Following are details testopia the above diagram. Reassign the test case-run You can assign this test case in this run to a different person by entering their Bugzilla login name here and clicking assign.

By default all Bugzilla accounts testopia the testopia to see read all test plans and their content, as the Yocto project is an open source project. Case Run History A table listing the outcomes of this test case in each run it has been included in. Theme by Danetsoft and Danang Probo Sayekti. You can use environment variables. Testopia a Test Case continued Action The list of steps the tester would go through during a run to test the feature or bug this test case represents.