I was asking if Ultimate Tapan Kaikki was made by a Japanese developer. Another finnish classic that is now open source: Hottest Games Dragonball Z Vaderz. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. An aside for the non-Finns among us, “Tapan Kaikki” translates to “I’ll kill everyone. D I’m seeing a peculiar pattern in the code: Some people have already forked it and are 90 commits ahead of the original repo.

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Lugaru was made by Wolfire games which is USA-based. This game is really good, you get to run around different levels and kill nazis and civilians. I was asking if Ultimate Tapan Kaikki was made by tapan kaikki Japanese developer. D I’m seeing a peculiar pattern in the code: It also installs a wasm.

Another great game that was originally a paid for game but is now Do you have something funny to share with fellow tapan kaikki I find this absolutely fascinating.

The Ultimate Tapan Kaikki

Yeah, a great example of how a good idea is really the biggest part of a game, and if you have fun making it it shows through. Probably makes copypasting easier and they were copypasting A LOT. Are you interested in promoting your own content? I think it’s an awesome feat that you guys did this and the other TK games at that age and basically got immortalized in the game scene of that time. The email addresses at the end of the readme are from Finnish domains. Info Do you have a question? Ultimate Tapan Kaikki is actually one of the coolest things tapan kaikki hit freeware.


They opened it later I think? Best weapon system, nice graphics tapan kaikki better than robot rage!

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Some people have already forked it and are 90 commits ahead of the original repo. So they’re either Finns or people who’ve gone to some tapan kaikki to look that way. Can anyone recommend more old games that later had their source code released? If there is no code in your link, it probably doesn’t belong here.

This code is probably older than me. I know these guys released a bunch of talan so it seems too much tapan kaikki a beginner mistake to not know about kaikku operator. That looks like it, thanks.

Were they a Japanese developer? Ultimate Tapan Kaikki Download 4.

Was it well known back then, I have no idea. Guess it must be the coldness outside – ttapan gotta stay inside, and do stuff as a consequence.

I remember this game vividly, it was tapan kaikki fun to play. Yeah, that would be my guess as well. Only one of the most legendary finnish shooters from the golden era of shareware and dos games: Check out our faq.


Just because it has a computer in it doesn’t make it programming.

Original sources of Ultimate Tapan Kaikki (90’s top-down shooter) : programming

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