March 10 Experimentally reduced points for Isida cure. Four new paints added to the Garage: January 11 Update Changes in Striker: New bundle added in the Shop. Comment down below what you would like to December 3 Changes to the garage and reworked CP mode. Fixed kick exploitation bug.

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Another Isida hacker

We have updated Courage map. World Cup paints removed from the Shop. There he can meet tankers of Recruit, Private and Gefreiter rank. No hackers are getting banning in the CBT. Fixed a bug about that links to the battle did not work. Worked on more anti-cheat system settings. Tanki online Iran gold box Gaga.

February 1 Update Player Ratings. September 9 Downloadable client. Fixed a bug that caused de-synchronization of game servers January 31 Update However, you tank press enter to view all the messages you missed as well as to write tanki online isida hack yourself. Each Isida modification got its own shooting effect color. Removed the Bridges II Map. New function in the chat: All the maps now have pleasant green landscape. Changed algorithm of anti-foul language system.


The tankj cost and time of upgrading remains the same.

December 7 Update Friends List Changes: Solved bug when onljne were not accounted when you kill Isida owner or a patient during cure. The advanced hackers are more important to the developers because they are the ones to find new hacks. All early bought Ricochets put out from the garages and crystals for them returned.


I don’t know if anyone else does, but I find it very distracting. Fixed a bug that instead of working links to a battle appeared tanii less.

Previous version of the gun was confiscated from all players who bought it and spent crystals were repaid. July 21 New hacj and paints. Freezes will be returned within 3 days after the release. They are Inferno, Emerald and Zeus. March 20 Update Visual dust effect is added oonline tank tracks.

A number of guns had correction of drop damage and projectile force of the impact, depending on the distance to the target. Minor changes in the shop interface.


Updates – Tanki Online Wiki

Speed up cost is 2 times higher than step cost on each step. Today i made a video about me on island,playing with wasp and isida m1. You can join a battle a lot faster. Changes ohline current alterations balance: Every modification of turrets and shells is described now in a special table which is placed in the Garage.