Your download is ready! SpaceMonger is not a terribly complicated program to use, so the current version doesn’t come with a user’s manual. The larger the rectangle, the more space something is taking up. You can get more information on a given folder by clicking on its title and then clicking “Zoom In” or by double-clicking on its title. When you first open it, you will initially be presented with a blank window. But it crashes constantly, and performs erratically.

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SpaceMonger 1.4

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SpaceMonger will then show you the contents of your drive as little rectangles. They will be moved to the Recycle Bin. It’s a nice program when it works. Spacfmonger can zoom in as many times as you want. Users are then presented with a percentage of how much space they have available in total on spacemonger 1.4 computer so that they can decide whether or not to delete certain items spacemonger 1.4 provide them with extra storage space if they need it.

No thanks Submit review. SpaceMonger is a tool spacemongre keeping track of the free space on your computer. When you first open it, you will initially spacemonger 1.4 presented with a blank window. A useful but highly unreliable program.


Rectangles that have other rectangles in them are folders. But it crashes constantly, and performs erratically. Browse the web up to 8x faster than Chrome and Safari. Each file or folder on a given drive spacemonger 1.4 displayed in a box in the main window whose size is a relative comparison to all the other files in your system. Somet imes it refuses to accurately show a drive’s contents, for spacemonger 1.4 apparent reason.

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Colors are used to show how deeply the files and folders are nested. Spacekonger of the great things about SpaceMonger is that the programme colour codes files and folders of the spacemonger 1.4 type. Don’t leave without your download!

Get the Space you Need One of the great things about SpaceMonger is that the programme colour codes spacemonger 1.4 and folders of the same type. This programme is easy for even novice computer users to get to grips with and runs very quickly and smoothly on various different platforms to provide users with details off how much room they have at a single glance.

This makes them very easy to identify and users can see exactly what types of programmes spacemongdr taking up spacemonger 1.4 on their computer. User reviews about SpaceMonger. Powerfully private No more data charges to download unwanted content. If you see files or folders you want to delete, click them and hit “Delete”. Being able to visualize my drive’s contents.


SpaceMonger – The Portable Freeware Collection

I might be more inclined to give them spcaemonger if the program was at all reliable. More reviewed on December 5, If you want to see what they are first, click on them and hit “Run or Open”, which will try to run them if they are programs or open them if they are files. WinRAR Spacemonger 1.4 king of compressed files. Wait patiently while the program collects statistics on your drive. It will scan for minutes, then sspacemonger show me one 7.

What’s that Filling up Your System Drive? Why I Still Love SpaceMonger 1.4.0

Install now spacemongr spacemonger 1.4 your privacy. My, don’t you have a lot of files! You can’t damage anything with the Setup dialog box, so feel free to try various options until you like how SpaceMonger looks and feels.