These are the Majalis, in which the speaker: What it would be then if they were to see Mine Paradise? What it would be if they were to see My Fire? These are the Majalis, in which the speaker:. To the angles, they shall appear bright and shining to the angels in the same way that the stars appear to those on the earth.

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Hundreds of thousands of people gathered for every speech of his. May Almighty Allah accept his struggle in His auspicious court. We arrange gatherings to relate the calamities befallen on Imam Hussain as and their companions and weep over them just like Holy Prophet s wept while relating the miserable tragedies befallen on the martyres before their death.

Where have you come from?

Sham e Karbala by Maulana Muhamamd Shafi Okarvi.pdf

Our Lord, from the Hell-Fire. He lit up the candle of faith in their hearts. His genealogy is as following:. Along the same line we also read in Sahih Muslim: Paints a true representation of Islam in all its greatness.

Sham e karbala by maulana muhamamd shafi okarvi pdf download pdf book

Karbaa, comemmorating Ashura with any special ritual would be adding to okarvu faith of Islam, and this is Bidah. Likewise Shias arrange gatherings to commemorate the martyres of Karbala where they recite elegies and weep over them. Thus he gave her permission to attend that. Uses his elegant tongue to refute the enemies of Islam [hypocrites] and the Kuffar.


Had reciting elegies and weeping over the death of a martyr been forbidden, Sahaba would have not gathered to do so in the presence of Holy Krabala s.

Tarikh Kamil, Volume 2 page 64 3. If Ayesha will receive salvation for her tears so will the women who mourn Imam Husayn as. Prophet of Allah sbless us with the description of their appearance.

Umm Salmah obtained the consent of her husband to participate in this mourning procession If mourning rituals are Haraam then Rasulullah s would have refrained his wife from attending and made an order that women abstain from such Haraam activities. He received education from primary to middle from Khemkaran.


The Shah needs no introduction to those from the Indian Subcontinent. In this verse, Allah swt orders us to remember him and it is clear that remembrance should be practiced in ways other than just offering Salat.

We set out teachings on Jihad against tyranny, strengthening of faith and belief, patience and fortitude in times of danger and such other noble and sublime thoughts and emotions.

Tarikh Khamees, Volume 1 page Narrated Anas bin Malik: We are sure that none of these Sunni scholars were encouraged to mourn Imam Husayn asit was natural due to their love for him! We express our hatred against cruelty, propagate the truth and convey salutations to the Holy Prophet s and his family.

Why then do these Nasibi oppose our gatherings? This title sought to deceptively suggest that Ibn al Hashimi was reiterating a sham e karbala book shafi okarvi shared by all Sunni Muslims around the world; and hence sought to portray them as a homogenous group with one voice, opposed to commemorating Imam Husayn as.


Now the question arises which type of Majalis are these Ahadeeth pointing to? Then it was taken by Jafar who was martyred as well.

Hazrat Allama Molana Hafiz Muhammad Shafi Okarvi

If a Sunni scholar deemed it permissible to mourn the loss of one of their scholars that died of natural causes, what is the objection if the Shia convert their homes into a house of mourning to remember the loss of that individual who was the flesh and blood of Rasulullah s who was brutally slaughtered in Karbala? He God would say: Shia Pen Newsletter Subscribe to our newsletter to receive regular updates on our new publications. Almighty Allah bestowed him the beautiful expertise in speech along with good character and appearance.

Then Khalid bin Al-Walid took the flag without being nominated as a chief before hand and was bok with victory. He brought the misleading people on the right path.