Fully-functional Evaluation licenses — there is a free day option available for you to try Sequencher with your own data. The server may be any Macintosh or Windows based computer in your network, but it is best if it has a static IP address or DNS name and is left on at all times. The Evaluation version has all of the latest features and you can try them with your own sequence data. If you try to add more than this in one Session, you will get a warning asking you to try with fewer sequences. Click on a bar or spot to see the underlying data highlighted.

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MacVector with Assembler has been fully bit for many years since MacVector 13 and has no dependency on the “Carbon” framework. You may run Sequencher remotely through VPN or remote desktop.

See discussion Is Sequencher really the best sequencher mac in Science category? How to type with 10 fingers featured.

The application is included in Education Tools. While not every Sequencher function and feature is present in MacVector with Assembler and MacVector provides many additional sequence analysis functions that are not mc in Sequencher, the two applications are sequencher mac similar when it comes to de novo and reference-based assembly capabilities.


What about Network Licensing?

Pricing for Sequencer must be obtained by requesting a quote, which you can do here. Windows 7 support was dropped with Sequencher 5.


How do I get a standalone sequencher mac and how does it get installed? We also have a troubleshooting section as part of this FAQ that could answer many of your questions as well. Sequencher is the industry standard software for DNA sequence analysis.

Contact your license administrator for help in getting a client license file. Starting with Sequencher 4. Sequencher External Tools Science Tools. What is a software license? Toplease Login.

Hardware – Mac Users | DNA Sequencing Software – Sequencher from Gene Codes Corporation

SPF extension to the file if one does not already exist. You can contact Gene Codes support at support genecodes. How do I get technical support for Sequencher? Suggest other similar sequencher mac suggested. To check if the key is broken, check to see that the light is on USB only. You are logged in as. If automatic activation of your evaluation license fails, you will be provided with a 5-day Viewer license.

Project licenses — these time-limited licenses give users full functionality but expire after the purchased number of days. You can download Sequencher 5. I’m not interested in the analysis of next-generation sequencing datasets incidentally, for which neither Sequencher or Benchling are appropriate in my opinion.


To leave a comment, you need to be logged in. Sequencher Connections Completely Rewritten – You can now open more than one Connections Session of the same type at a time.

This sequencher mac message is possible for both standalone and network versions of Sequencher Licenses.

Sequencher 5.0.1 for Mac OSX (Lion) has been released.

Please download and install the 64 bit compatible drivers. Invalid Data Warning – Sequencher lets you know if there is a problem with data in an existing Session when you try to run a new search. All included support, updates. The current sequencher mac of Sequencher and Forensic-enabled Sequencher is version 5. Note that your submission sequencher mac not appear immediately on our site.

Gene Codes maintenance plan for Sequencher is an annual plan that provides you with valuable benefits such as unlimited technical support and all of the upgrades available throughout the year.