I wish the characters were more likeable; Axis and his father act quite douchey for lack of a better word so often that it is hard to love Axis as a hero in the same way that I have loved heroes from other books and authors. Even now, in the second book of the first story arc, I can see where she’s setting up for the second story arc. Feb 15, Kelcey rated it liked it Shelves: Had Axis true feeling remained with Faraday I probably would have given the book a 5 stars. Goragel is busy trying to attack all of Tencendor and kill Axis, but that was surprisingly really back seat to the battles between Axis and Borneheld. She became a lecturer in medieval history at La Trobe University , Bendigo. While there she completed her first novel, BattleAxe, which launched her as a popular fantasy author in Australia, and later as an international success.

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And most of the women are okay with it! Open Preview See a Problem? Welcome back to Tencendor, where Axis the former Battleaxe continues his journey and The Prophecy of The Destroyer continues to unfold.

It’s been a douglzss years since I’ve read this book, so the only thing I remember about it is why I stopped reading it. Who could trust him again if he says something that sounds like he means SO MUCH and then turns around and changes his mind? We learn more about the souglass ninth Talon and finally discover Azhure’s heritage. She attended Annesley College, in Wayville, a suburb of Adelaide.

Bei ihnen ist Aschure, eine junge Acharitin, die irgendetwas Besonderes an sara douglass enchanter hat.

Enchanter by Sara Douglass Book Review

There are a progression of events that sara douglass enchanter me to exclaim in disgust: And it is his destiny to be thwarted at every turn by the vicious Goragel, an insane monster bent on douglasd all that Axis works to preserve. Douglass also wrote a non-fiction book, The Betrayal of Arthurand several short stories. Books by Sara Douglass. Once Faraday and Axis is reunited it is obvious that his feelings are for his lover not Faraday. I no longer care. I wonder if some of it is because Goragel was busy building his army back up and the Dark Man was really interested in watching Axis.



I was really hoping I would bond more to Axis as I read Enchanter, however I did not in the slightest. I thought this was going to be a favorite like book one.

STARMAN: Book Three of the Axis Trilogy

Unlike the first book, I didn’t sara douglass enchanter Faraday as much in this. Especially since all of it is leading up to Azhure turning out to be this long-lost relative, and that’s why neither Axis nor StarDrifter can resist her their blood calling to blood or whateverAzhure getting pregnant by Axis, and StarDrifter ending up happy that that means he’ll have a granddaughter he douglasss groom to grow up to be his lover. Still felt bad that he died in such a way, though.

Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. He’s like the random YA character thrown into this book. I do not care what happened to the fifth sentinel. Sara Douglass has taken America by storm with this powerful tale of love, prophecy, battles, and revenge. I still enjoyed sara douglass enchanter story but I think it could have been told in 2 books rather than 3.

Borneheld, Axis’s half-brother, makes to keep Jervois Landing sara douglass enchanter secure as he can make it. It feels a bit drawn out. And her and Azhure became “best friends” after their “healing time”. What made me angry was the way Axis, our hero and the person we are meant to cheer for, is a complete douchepuddle when it comes to Faraday and Azhure.


Enchanter (novel) – Wikipedia

This page was last edited on 5 Augustat Somehow, in pages sara douglass enchanter story between the first two books, sarra author never manages to give any of the characters any substance, any actual evidence of feelings she simply informs sara douglass enchanter exist, nor any reason to be sympathetic to those who are supposed to be heroes.

Published April 15th by Sraa Fantasy first published Going through this story the second time was just as enjoyable as the first, except this time around I knew all of the secrets. Why why WHY did so much real estate in this cinderblock of a book need to be devoted to the hero’s grandmother sada at great length why he should sleep douglaass her, and how he’s doomed to be unhappy if he’s with someone he’s not related to – which she knows because she started banging her cousin at age 13?

This guy is just really pissing me off at almost every moment. It is his destiny to lead an army against his evil half-brother, to regain control of Tencendor, once the greatest land in the world.