In case deductor has provided flag for higher rate of deduction i. In case you sold any property or house or land or anything of value, you may have had a Capital Gain or Capital Loss. Newer Post Older Post Home. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Notify me of new comments via email.

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Introduction of fields for quoting foreign remittance details in Form no. You are commenting using your WordPress. Complete detail of all features are given below: This might vary on a case by case basis. Rpu 3.8 Interest paid on housing loan is eligible for tax saving. In the annual salary details 24Q, Q4 — Annexure II break up to be provided for the salary paid and the tax deducted by the current employer and previous employer during rpu 3.8 current Financial Year.

Introduction of fields for quoting foreign remittance details in Form no. The same will not apply for those correction statements where deductee records are being updated.

E-TDS and Correction & regular filling of 24Q1 F.Y 2014-15

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Status of Challan may be easily clarified in following manner: Statements of Interest Income besides Bank deposits. Minor head code is to be provided in challan details for tax deposited through challan. This is one of the rpu 3.8 important documents that you should look at while preparing and filing your Income Tax Return. Sometimes you may have fixed deposits which may have matured, debentures which yield interest.


Medical Insurance payments for your family and your parents can be claimed here. If there is a mismatch you may have a tough time getting your tax refund. For making sure you can avail of your tax deduction, make sure you quote the PAN number of the rpu 3.8 organization. There are lots of changes in RPU like section code has been removed from challan sheet and added the same in deductee sheet, Penalty column has been added in challan sheet.

Download e-Tutorial Rpu 3.8 1. You will be able to download ITR-V. If you have disabilities, you might want to check up on Section 80U.

Latest RPU version foe e-tds statement free download – Taxalertindia

A lot of people forget to do this, so please go through your bank statements and find out the Interest received. This fee is mandatory in nature and to be paid before furnishing of such statement.

Click on ‘ Registe r Yourself’ on the homepage. Your employer will have already deducted some portion of your salary and deposited it with the Income Tax Department. Take a look and make sure to declare this income on your Tax Return. Check whether any TDS was deducted. Each line of Key Features shows a new amendment. In case there is a mismatch between your TDS certificates and FormAS, you should contact your employer or your bank.


After checking it has been found that some rpu 3.8 have been issued due to double entry of single challan in TDS return. In case wrong pan structure, rpu 3.8 column will display as False or otherwise it will display as True. Fee for default in furnishing statements Section E: This RPU is applicable w.

TDS certificates issued to you by your bank and others.

Section 92C has been added which is applicable in case payment is made to Union Govt.