Of course, as only a collector, judgements in this are mine alone ivansc Here, Waves has teamed up with the famous mix engineer Jack Joseph Puig and modelled his own processors. The original was made with 20 vacuum tubes and 11 hand-wired transformers in a 6 rack-space chassis, weighing in at a 65 lbs. Wish I could afford to buy a hardware VoxBox. I didnt put you on my ignore list because you were always wrong, I put you there because I found your belligerent, negative posting style was depressing. Now, Waves has precision-modeled these rare pieces and captured every detail of their rich harmonic complexity.

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Puigchild 670 through the ten EQP-1A and three MEQ-5 presets gives not only an idea of how they sound but also how far a pro mixer chooses to push their settings to get the desired result.

Waves PuigChild 670 Compressor

However, other aspects of puigchild 670 Pultec sound are. Find More 67 by Stews. Only scratches the surface of JJP’s actual processing arsenal. I agree that MJUC is pretty nice.

Originally designed by Rein Narma in the early s, they are rare and worth tens of thousands of dollars on the vintage market.

Waves The JJP Collection review | MusicRadar

Originally Posted by citizenkeith. Find More Posts by Fergler. Still, the classic flavours of Fairchild and Pultec processing are very well represented, making this a desirable puigchild 670. Waves rightly points out that due to their transformer stages, the EQs have a gentle roll-off at high frequencies and the plug-ins emulate this, though it’s not immediately obvious when you load them up.


puigchild 670 Although i don’t own the PuigChild i have the IK fairchild emu and when i use it which is not that often really it’s for it’s color, not for it’s compression abilities. Click on the Register link above to create a membership.

Waves PuigChild 670 In Logic Pro

A good freebie is what we need. Initial reports from here are favourable. I simply cannot nail down my ‘needs’, as constantly adding quality VSTi sources. Especially when I’m not too excited to do pure testing, but prefer testing them on a as-needed basis while making music.

Find More Posts by sostenuto. Send a private message to sostenuto. The Fairchild stereo and mono use single push-pull amplification stages with extremely high control voltages. User Name Remember Me? Send a private message to beingmf. Send a private message to Daniovan. Oh and the Ignite puigchild 670 on the pulteq is not quite as good as puigchild 670 one on my old UAD-1 cards, but since I cant get them to work any more it will do just fine.


Waves PuigChild Compressor – MPG Online Music Production School

Send a private message to Stews. Thank-you for quite thorough rundown puigchild 670 your uses and impressions. With several ‘color’ solutions on hand, I’m good for now Powered by Magic Members Membership Software. Of course, as only a collector, judgements in this puigchild 670 mine alone ivansc The plug-ins are based on four hardware processors: Bought it in their sale after trying Junior and frankly the full plug eclipses the Jr version.

What do I need a comp for?: Finally, the third band offers a high-cut with three frequencies and variable attenuation. Originally Posted by Magicbuss I’m sure its a good comp but for even less money and way less hassle i’d rather have the Klanghelm MJUC for vari mu style compression. Wish I could afford to buy a hardware VoxBox.

Mind you I am a bit of a Manley nerd anyway