April 5, at 4: You can also add new features to your PSP via kernel mode background plugins, for example the ability to take screenshots in games. Share This Page Tweet. The better way to play any PS1 game on your PlayStation Classic — Adding games can be done without touching a single database file! So you can now follow this guide if you happen to have updated to 6.

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PSP GEN – Custom Firmware

June 5, at 5: The guide process takes details of your handheld and works out whether or not your device supports permanent custom firmware, and what kinds are available for your device. Do yyou have any methods to protect aagainst hackers? Featured content Manager assistant. It has firmware 6.

PSP/Custom Firmware Installation

Choose the one that you prefer; though in truth, they are custkm identical. You can now power your PSP off and still have custom firmware when you power it on again, that’s is your PSP is permanently hacked. Can someone tell me if this works on a PSP please? Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?


Your milage may vary, and the other recommendations are ME and Infinity. It does not require any advanced hack technique or hardware modification.

PSP Custom Firmware Install on any PSP – PSP, PSP Slim, PSP , PSP Go & E | Digiex

June 20, at 2: Log in or Sign up. Ensure you downloaded the correct version for your PSP. Dragon Master likes this. February 14, at 9: There are prp major variants of custom firmware CFW that are currently supported: InsaneNutterSep 1, There are xustom of Pro CFW that will run on older firmwares, but updating to 6.

We can see that my PSP is a 1. April 6, at 4: Open System Settings and then System Information.

Runs Unsigned Homebrew – Custom firmware allows unsigned PSP homebrew to run, which is important since signing is a new thing. Depends on what you want.

InsaneNutterDec 4, I like all off the points you have made. There is a way you can downgrade to 6. NicxJan 6, Before following the guide, ensure you know which model you have. The last PSP firmware 6.


PSP 6.61 Custom Firmware Install on any PSP – PSP, PSP Slim, PSP 3000, PSP Go & E1000

Hi guys, need help on this. October 11, at 4: This page was last edited on 9 Septemberat Instead of having to manually boot the PRO firmware, a utility will write it to a secret portion of the PSP that controls fustom start-up process. April 4, at