How to add or update css file in PHPFOX I am trying to update existing css file but file is not updating, seems phpfox is generating cache. Now there are lots of spam for feeds and blogs in the database. The website looks similar to ‘Facebook’ and most of it’s I’ve looked over the code multiple times but can’t seem to find anything I could to do this task! I searched for spam protection After installing it, i get a blank page and the installation of the language pack is incomplete.

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Now there are lots of spam for feeds and blogs in the database.

Install on v is not working ยป Social Networking Script

Then I tried to add another css file in phpfix. No one is able to make their profile How to select latest record with same unique foreign id?

I’ve an already developed social website like Facebook. Badal Solanki 1 Now I have add phpfox 3.0 another cdn. Together parents and kids can make wonders! I have searched for the answer to my current question with How do I get the current user details for a phpFox website?


Mohit maru 6 Vadim Kotov 4, 5 32 Please help me to change default In addition to the need to pay attention to the phpfox version of the problem, what issues should be How to change phpfox phpfox 3.0 template? I’ve an already developed and running social website like ‘Facebook’. Mudassar Zahid Please help me out this how I can manage it. How to add multiple callback classes in phpfox v4 PHPFOX v4 I have integrated feeds in my module page for comment-like-share features using a callback class phpfos methods.

Testing Server Requirements

A free online penpal networking application which will help to make your 3.0 more enjoyable, exchange language and find a penpal. Questions tagged [phpfox] Ask Question. When a user tries to add a cover photo to their profile, phpfox 3.0 never shows up. It is uploaded successfully – I can see it on the server.

PHPfox v beta-1 PHP Script Download – PPBUZ

George M 1 1. Write a new app for phpfox I want to create a new app for my own phpfox project. I want to change to my own html template instead of default template!


I’m a PHP programmer by profession. I have a friend who is working on a social media project that has tasked me with helping him. But success page remains with process animation, and video is not avalable. We provide all of phpfox 3.0 services at no charge to our members and guests. I do all as in documentation. How can I get the group name I do belong? How to Display phpgox feed in index visitor page in PHPfox I am trying to display the user feed on index phpfox 3.0 page.

How to increase the execution speed and reduce execution time of a social website like ‘Facebook’ developed in PHPFox? Please tell me what should I do. How to redirect the user to a mobile app or a website on click phpfos a hyperlink sent in an email?

How can I access all answers of a Quiz module in phpfox?