You can try to remove the Facebook community once from your Nimbuzz account. We are already working on it and it shall be available in our upcoming version. Both are not working..! ANNA — Thanks for reporting the issue, we are already working with the concerned service provider to resolve this at the earliest. With this information we can detect if the issue is localized in the client or the network. I have forgot my rupees. Suman Do you face the same issue if you use the Wap version of Nimbuzz?

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Then, try to add your yahoo account back in Nimbuzz it should work perfectly fine.

New: Nimbuzz Webchat 2.5

Unfortunately, we are unable to promise a date. We are happy to announce that a new and improved Nimbuzz version 1.

Somebody can answer to my problem? Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Neha Ansari — Please connect to your Facebook 1.9.5 directly through facebook. Top free Alternatives to Messenger Key for Windows. Stay tuned for related info on blog.


Facebook for Nimbuzz is back! – Nimbuzz

Wel i cnt say much. For last few weeks facebook chat has not been working in nimbuzz,not only for me also to my friend? In case you face any issue please reach out to support nimbuzz.

Please send us an email at support nimbuzz. I Need Ur Opinion!!

Nimbuzz Update (1.9.8) for your Java Phones available now.

Bt i didnt get da mobile chat yet. I tried no of times to install but its not supporting my mobile. Chuks — We are aware of this issue which has been resolved.

Though mobile have 9mb free memory. Siva — You can download the updated version of Nimbuzz from the attached link: Once you have deleted the chat history you can not retrieve the same as we do not store the chats on our servers. In case you face any issue, please reach out to support nimbuzz. Sunny — You can make nimbuzzout calls via Nokia Softwarre There is no problem in my Nimbuzz 1.9.5 facebook chatting software m able to use other apps with same APN.!!


My mobil sofrware galexy s2. Help us improve Nimbuzz further! Which device and Nimbuz version do you use? We will get back to you within 48 business hours.

New: Nimbuzz Webchat – Nimbuzz

If possible, please suprise all world who like nimbuzz nd using. We will review the possibilities this year but for now there are no plans. So please sent exact one.

Stay tuned for related info on blog. With this information we can detect if the issue is localized in the client or the network. I am using nokia classic but nimbuzz is not work in my device. Is Google about to kill Android? Stay tuned to our Blog, for more related news: How can i do it??? Softwarw u pls solve this. Something like a fire-walled access.