The neuron in this lesson is modeled by a passive membrane resistance, R m , a membrane capacitance, C m , and a current source. Lesson 5 uses the same Hodgkin-Huxley model of the axon that is used to generate action potentials in Lesson 4. Phenomena such as temporal summation of synaptic potentials, passive spread of a synaptic potential from the dendrite to the soma, the refractory period, families of voltage-clamp traces, and the reversal potential of synaptic responses, are easily illustrated in MetaNeuron. Newman, University of Minnesota, and Mark H. The membrane potential is varied by adjusting the “Holding Current “.


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When a neuron is hyperpolarized by a negative current pulse, an action potential is evoked when the current meatneuron turned off. A parameter value can be changed by typing in a new value in the parameter value box or by clicking on the button to the right of the parameter value box and dragging the mouse. References Publications referenced by this paper.

MetaNeuron Program

Lesson 3, Membrane Length Constant. Keep the standard, optimized Range display for the next section. The “Stimulus 1” and “Stimulus 2” Amplitudes determine the voltage to which the membrane is stepped during the two pulses. MetaNeuron is designed to be used by students who have no prior experience metaneuton computer simulations.

MetaNeuron: A Free Neuron Simulation Program for Teaching Cellular Neurophysiology

Creation of MetaNeuron was inspired by Dr. The three current pulses red trace simulate three synaptic inputs. By clicking accept or continuing to use the site, you agree to metaneurin terms outlined in our Privacy PolicyTerms of Serviceand Dataset License. The Desktop Neuron Mitch Leslie. Now increase the stimulus width to 50 or 60 ms.



There are many Lesson 4 exercises that illustrate the effect of pathology on neuronal metaaneuron. J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry. The potential is generated by turning on a conductance with rising and falling time constants of 0. Computer Simulations of Membrane Potentials http: Conduction is dependent on the membrane length constant and metwneuron constant.

Teaching neurophysiology to undergraduates using Neurons in Action. The neuron in this lesson is modeled by a passive membrane resistance, R ma membrane capacitance, C mand a current source.

Restore the default conditions File menu. Responses are calculated from the cable equations. Citations Publications citing this paper. MetaNeuron has two help files that are available from its menubar. Newman and Eric A. Published in Journal of undergraduate neuroscience education: Mac and Windows versions of the program are available. Lesson 6 illustrates the synaptic voltages and currents generated by fast ionotropic synapses. The computer program simulates a wide range of neuronal behavior in its six lessons: Demonstrate the same phenomenon by dynamically increasing the Potassium ” Concentration out ” variable click the cursor in the first box and drag it to the right to increase the variable; you may wish to hold down the shift key to increase it by steps of 10 mM.



The default display shows membrane potential vs. This is a good approximation of the current generated by a fast excitatory synapse. The time course of the refractory period following mmetaneuron action potential can be determined using a two-stimulus protocol. MetaNeuron illustrates the reversal potential under current-clamp conditions, as this is conceptually simpler for students to understand.

MetaNeuron: A Free Neuron Simulation Program for Teaching Cellular Neurophysiology

EPSPs are simulated in Lesson 2 by trains of 1 ms current pulses injected into the virtual cell. Restore default settings, and then make the following changes: Since it is easy to forget what each screen shot includes, it is good practice to change its name to something informative, and then drag the labeled screen shot into one or more new folders to which you give descriptive names. Make the potential easier to see by increasing the Stimulus Amplitude to 20 pA.