Yeah, heard you, water shortage is biting across town and country, but could still that be an excuse? Just sprinkle some water. The man said the home housed 72 children and most of them were in nearby Hatcliffe attending primary and secondary schools. This is a one-off special edition, sparked by none other than Mai Gunguwo, whose approach to bedroom matters has become viral on social networks. We have 18 registered homes in Harare and we do not have any in Borrowdale.

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Dec 27, She wanted the gathered women to understand how enticing a mai gunguwo can be, and how that enticing can be done in the home — wife to husband. She is determined to provide that warmth and love she could only dream of, for the better part of her life. Situated at Number 5 Guildford Road, the place looks unkempt. gungiwo

I’m still married: Mai Gunguwo

Two young girls joined the man and one of them said she was orphaned and came from Masvingo. Yeah, heard you, water shortage is biting across town and country, but could still that be an excuse? Mai Gunguwo taking advantage of desperate mai gunguwo She attributes this dismal failure to a life of hardship as a teenager, which involved being sexually abused by a close relative.


Pastors, Preachers and the Churches have taken away mai gunguwo Keys…. They even stay with some of the children at their family residence. One looks after them. She imparts advice and tips that will help you ensure that your husband wanders no more, and how to make your husband forget about his former Maggies.

She has sent some of the children back to their families. ED faces protests 9, 3. Zimbabwe bans mass weddings. Last updated Jun 30, 5, Subscribe to The Standard now Subscribe. In mai gunguwo to figures given by her gardener, she said the house accommodated 42 ami and only 25 were remaining at the premises.

He said government is responsible for ensuring all children are living in stable homes. What the Lord has put together, let no cold put asunder, she boldly declares. Sex tutor Mai Gunguwo runs mai gunguwo home 24 February Government officials say the home is unregistered, hence should cease its operations. Those who transgress this civilised etiquette will be barred from contributing to our online discussions.

Today Mai Gunguwo is no longer that poor girl from Mai gunguwo, but an accomplished woman, who also has a purpose in life.

Readers are kindly requested to refrain from using abusive, vulgar, racist, tribalistic, sexist, discriminatory and hurtful language when posting their comments on the Daily News website.


Mai Gunguwo blasts Chivayo

Simba iroro rauinaro pakupopota wacha magumbezi kana kumbofamba-famba. But even when we disagree, we find ways of rising above the differences. Next Post The most beautiful Miss Zimbabwes mai gunguwo There is that breed of men who get into the bedroom, get up there — and at times snore soundly. Mai gunguwo sprinkle some water. Mai Gunguwo addresses issues that we think taboo, things that we think simple, things that we see as despicable. We have 18 registered homes in Harare and we do not have any in Borrowdale.

We are going to close that home. The incident, now a closed chapter in her life, haunted mai gunguwo for the better part of her early life as efforts to seek justice came to nought as relatives shielded the perpetrator. Pastors, Preachers and the Ugnguwo have taken away the Keys of Heaven from the…. Mugabe mired in war hero’s death 7, 4. They forget that women do have sensations as well, and that those need to be attended to.