Phil sawyer – Electric children. Rico x Slim Jesus. Slim Jesus, Killa Kellz, P. Peja – Wszystko na moj koszt [diss na Tede]. Vicki sue robinson – My stomp, my beat. Gaby moreno, darren drew, brian reidinger, drew lerda – Work of art. Phil sawyer – In the beginning new version.

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Oedipus – Final descent. Peja – Wszystko na moj koszt [diss na Tede]. Let’s get it [Verse 2: Fabri Fibra – Pronti, Partenza, Via!

Killa Kellz lyrics

Gaby moreno, darren drew, brian reidinger, drew lerda – Work of art. Vicki sue robinson – My stomp, my beat.

Killa Kellz x P. Killq Yella] Shout out Slim Jesus you know we rocking with you shorty All that gang shit man, real gang shit Squad shit don’t forget that squad shit bitch Chiraq man, them niggas really do this shit man, ain’t no play play, nigga You gon’ meet your day dumbass Drill time!

Phil sawyer – In the beginning new version. Killa Kellz] It’s JoJo world where we get it busting Bitch kipla get it jumping like a kangaroo I draw nigga and I paint them too Around hella killers but they hella cool No hesitation we’ll get to spraying Killa kellz all out a nigga shaking like a bopper do Televise him and put him on the news I’ll wet a nigga like he in the pool Team No Lacking I never snooze I stay packing like I’m about to move Insane we breaking hella rules But we checking bags like we work for [?


Martin lut, will smith – God sent you interlude. Slim Jesus, Killa Kellz, P.

‎Jojo’s Revenge by Smylez & Killa Kellz on Apple Music

Phil sawyer – Electric children. Aural Vampire – Hot Blood Workout. Lil Wayne – Make it Rain.

Rico] Pull up to the cemetery cause that’s where all the opps at Ride around with a bad bitch smoking opp pack and she want to match Take a nigga with no gun he a straight lick I need that These hands grip big knots Thirty pop make my hand hot Squeeze a thirty in his deadlocks His head look like a wet mop Never fear another man cause another man bleed like me too Niggas come riding down my block they don’t even know how to shoot Whole time I’m killa kellz all out fast cause niggas hoes that’s true Whole time y’all some broke niggas, whole time mama just pray for y’all All my niggas outside playing crazy catching bodies we gon’ get involved My little niggas they outside they be shooting shit just to prove a kipla Killa kellz all out I got older niggas outside toting thirties just got out the put All this cash on me, shorty ass on me but a nigga still on point If a nigga run up on me I’mma shoot his ass like a fucking three point [Verse 4: Jet black summer – Bloody fingers.


SuG – Scramble Wagado. Rico x Slim Jesus. Wiz Khalifa – Look what I got on.