On one website I found a young man that had this to say, “My father came to visit me in Tehran with two relatives. It’s not that they shouldn’t be girlfriends but they shouldn’t even be friends. Some days, you just need lesbians and something short to read, both of which If You Could Be Mine has and is. Because we’re following Sahar, the love story almost always feels one sided and unhealthy. Please provide an email address.

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Not to mention the rushed ending, the too-pat conclusion view spoiler [ “I love her and I have to let go,” which is a sentiment I think is trite and ridiculous anyway hide spoiler ] and the easy out for cousin Ali who was gay himself.

This definitely fits those parameters. ne

A very short book at only a little over pages, If You Could Be Mine examines not only life in Iran, but life in Iran for a young girl in love with her best friend, Nasrin. Eventually she begins to carve out a new life fould herself, and a new relationship with Nasrin. She is spoiled and has her whole family in tact, while Sahar tou to care for her despondent father who has not been the same since the death of Sahar’s mune. No doubt in my mind it’s a beautifully told story, and I found myself immersed in the brief read.

I definitely did not understand the point of the graphic description of if you could be mine sara farizan surgery in the clinic scene. I live in a university town where I work as a substitute teacher.

Blindsided by the engagement, Sahar is equally enraged asra depressed. Sahar looks at the days ticking closer towards Nasrin’s wedding and tries to speed up her “operation” in spite of herself.


I lobed how diverse it was. Ali says that it will not matter because Nasrin is not attracted to men. So it was inevitable that the only life that was available for Nasrin was to many into a nice family to a suitable husband if you could be mine sara farizan would treat her like the princess she was. He must leave the country.

She ne have an incredibly strong personality, and her desperate need to be with Nasrin, despite the fact that Nasrin had gotten engaged without telling her, was something which I really could not relate to in the least. Sara Farizan is Iranian but I am not sure whether she has lived in Iran as a teen.

Mije, this does not mean that this is a bad book.

Booklist Review

Nasrin claimed Saha 3. Here’s where the story took a detour that I wasn’t expecting. This continued transphobic insistence that theirs was an illness couls had been cured was frustrating.

Please provide an email address. The story revolves around the forbidden lesbian romance between Nasrin and Sahar as they reside in Iran. The novel is illuminating because it gives you insight into a different culture and place.

Review: If You Could Be Mine by Sara Farizan | The YA Kitten

If it is deemed that you actually are a man trapped in a woman’s body or vice versa, not only is it sanctioned but the government will pay up to half the cost of the operation. I thought they were a little bit bland, apart from Ali, who provides some comic relief for readers.

I think the book was trying to be more of an exploration of the protagonist than about her relationship, which is a good thing. But I am digressing. She recognizes the officer as Farshad, the bouncer from Ali’s party. After meeting a group of people who have gone through the surgery, Sahar is determined to get herself into a surgery and into a body if you could be mine sara farizan a man in order to make sure Nasrin can be with her instead of her new fiance.

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You must be logged in to read full text of reviews. I don’t want to give away too much of the story, but Sahar thinks she may have found a way for her and Nasrin to be together. Sahar is completely uneducated — which is realistic and expected, given her desire to make it happen quickly — but she never consults with Nasrin on this. He is also eager to gain the approval of her best friend, Sahar. While I enjoyed this book and found it extremely interesting, I felt like something was missing, which is why I only rated it 3 stars.

Several people try to dissuade Sahar from going through with the surgery. How cool is it to live in a place where a person can tell a complete stranger something like that without fear of being judged, or even care if she was, and to also work for a school district where you can be openly gay or lesbian and not have to worry about being found out?

I just didn’t find it realistic that Sahar would go through everything she goes through for someone who treats her like shit, especially with that ending.