At the youthful age of 18, YAS began to work in order to support his mother, younger brother and triplet sisters. Ey Yar Begoo Ebi 1. Single Track Hossein Eblis. Soroush Lashkary better known by his performing name, Hichkas nobody in Persian is an Iranian rapper, songwriter, record producer. Show my social media links facebook. This action cannot be undone!

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Recognizing this opportunity, he decided to present his songs to the government and request permission to release an album — which would provide him access to millions of young Iranians in need of inspiration. After the sudden and untimely death of his father, YAS was faced with the responsibility of becoming the primary caretaker of his household. Want to watch more videos hossein delkhoshi this song? Sobh Bekheir Iran Hossein Eblis.

They are known as the hossein delkhoshi of gangsta rap in Iran, and are also credited with marking the beginning of a new movement in Iranian music.

hossein eblis delkhoshi

Log in delkhoshk watch more. Delkhoshi Remix Ho3ein 1. Let velkhoshi know your feedback so we can evolve and improve. This expansive access to his music helped YAS inwhen he wrote “CD Ro Beshkan” Break That CD — a song about a well-known female actress in Iran hossein delkhoshi was the victim of a sex tape scandal — news of which had spread across Iran at rapid speed.


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Hossein Eblis – Delkhoshi

dflkhoshi Ma II Hossein Eblis. My music usually begins with a complaint or the social ills of my society — but it always ends with hope.

His hossein delkhoshi would often return from his business trips to Germany with the latest hip hop CDs and YAS quickly developed a particular interest in American rapper, Tupac Shakur.

Shaba by Hossein Eblis We have lyrics for ‘Shaba’ by these artists: To watch videos non-fullscreen: Dasti Dasti Xaniar 1. Erfan Hajrasuliha, better known as Erfan Paydar, is an Iranian rapper, songwriter, producer, and label owner. Iranian Selection Hossein delkhoshi Eblis.

Hichkas’s songs are themed around social and cultural issues and his lyrical ability and influence pervade the hip hop and rap genre, placing him at the forefront of contemporary Persian literature and poetry, inspiring a new generation of songwriters and artists.

Ayneh Single Hossein Eblis. The many years of being denied the right to release his music to the public and being ridiculed for his musical genre – rap – his efforts finally paid off: Soroush Lashkary better known by his performing name, Hichkas nobody in Persian is hossein delkhoshi Iranian rapper, songwriter, record producer. Single Track Hossein Eblis. Referred to as the “Persian Tupac”, YAS is the first rapper to have been granted permission delkhhoshi the Iranian government to record and release some of his music to the general public.


Hichkas is currently working on his highly anticipated second LP, Mojaz. Please click the confirmation hosssein in that email to change your email address. Show my hossein delkhoshi media links facebook. He soon realized that through the lyrical style of rap music he had the ability to reach people by telling full stories — an opportunity that is often absent in forms of music that feature short verses and a commercial chorus. Ghalbam Roo Tekrare Morteza Pashaei 1.

Az Chi Begam Yas 1. This marked the beginning of his musical career. YAS is hossein delkhoshi writing and recording new music and is planning a series of live performances worldwide. Tamoome Ghalbe Man Ehsan Khajehamiri 1.

Hossein Eblis – Delkhoshi

The band has been suspended since Octoberand the members have been divided into two groups. Like A What feat. Music for your Website. Account Options Sign in.