Good sound in the game. Direct links to downloads located on private servers anything but a public file host require mod approval. H ome B rews working with Psp 6. Thanks a lot though. Wow I feel really dumb for not thinking this.

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This is the best GBA emulator I’ve come across. Disqus is a conversation network Disqus never moderates or censors.

H ome B rews working with Ki 6. Nintendo Switch firmware update 6. June 3, at The gerenal rules of reddit apply here but are not limited to; no doxxing, no threatening violence, etc. Now run almost all games from ZIP archives. Be the first to comment.

Near Perfect GBA emulation (GPSP Kai) : VitaPiracy

I also have two PSPs and their display ghosting makes it difficult to play. Piracy is bad, we advocate only backing up games which are already owned by you, the user. It actually runs really well and the gpsp kai 3.5 great. Takka is NOT the official dev 3. sure. Because I recall FF6 advance had a new endgame dungeon and a whole new translation.


Please try to keep posts Vita related please.

Bleach Advance – If you are a moderator please see our troubleshooting guide. Also in the gpsp kai 3.5 added all German-Spanish-Portuguese-Greek characters umlauts with full Western European encoding cp with the required width for each letter. I changed out the BIOS with a genuine gba bios but it comes with a bios May be a open bios If kal games run slowly try replacing the bios with a different gba bios.

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PSP/PS Vita release: GBA emulator UO gpSP Kai v test 4 build –

May 29, at 2: Save allows you to bypass the damaged portion in the dump of the Rom. I’ve glsp pretty meh about retroarchs GBA emulation since hacking the system. In GTA Advance has a bug that after starting dialogues game crashes. Painted pixel by pixel, and compiled a new font “eureka.

UO gрSP Kai

He states this build improves stability and fixes some bugs, specifically:. Signed to run on the official firmware, and of course on the custom firmware. I think I’m running a nightly version.


Popular Articles PS4 hack: May 11, at 7: May 11, at 8: May 24, at UO gpSP Kai v3. September 13, at 3: I also tried the eboot that was made in the comments for vhbl. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Nintendo Switch Hacking News: