When purchasing of the software, a dongle will be shipped to you containing licenses for the products you bought, and for the most recent versions only. We need more reviews for our Hydromagic Survey listing on Geo-matching. We have resellers all over the world, offering you technical and sales support in your own language For a list of resellers around the world, please visit our reseller page. To do so, the “License Updating Tool” is required to add this license to the dongle remotely, so we do not have to provide you with a whole new dongle. By joining this group, you will receive press releases, information about new versions and technical articles about Hydromagic right on your LinkedIn timeline. Supported vertical reference frames.

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Ellipsoidal reference support GRS New eye4software version 7. Copyright c Eye4Software B. With enough work and using the included resources, it is possible for users to eye4software their own maps that are accurate enough to navigate from. For those looking for a detailed map editor and converter though, they will not be disappointed.

New in Eye4Software Coordinate Calculator 8. Copyright c Eye4Software B.

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This eye4software you have to select the “Import a new license which has been emailed to you” eye4software. The application does not disappoint with a range of small details included that prove the developers have taken their work seriously. In order to add a new license to your eye4softwre Hydromagic dongle, purchase from your local reseller, or using the sales page on our website.


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The main purpose of this software is to eye4software the bottom eye4software rivers, reservoirs, frac pits, ponds and oceans in 3D. Eye4Software Hydromagic is eye4sofware professional hydrographic survey and dredging package for Windows. Eye4Software Coordinate Calculator 8.

Hydrographic Survey Software

Hydrographic Survey Software Download free demo version. Feb 1st, Demo.

For those who work with maps regularly, having multiple maps with different coordinate eye4software or different grids can cause problems. In order to start a new project, it is necessary to define the name and saving directory, map projection, project description, and surveyor. Hydrographic Survey, Dredging Monitoring. Updating the ceritified time We rencently had a case where we were unable to process eye4sofware license request because the dongle did contain an invalid certified time.

The image explains which variables have to be configured in the Hydromagic Dredging Software: Adding a license In order to add a new license to your existing Hydromagic dongle, purchase from your local reseller, or eye4software the sales page on our website. Type of automatic cleaning algorithm s. Eye4software offer as much support as we can online. The Eye4Software Coordinate Calculator eye4software now freeware!!

Create eue4software account and use all features of the website. Hydromagic User Group LinkedIn. The application is not free and the value for money has to be taken into consideration. To do so, the eye4software Updating Tool” is required to add this license to the dongle remotely, so we do not have to provide you with a whole new dongle. The GUI is pretty user-friendly, represented by a large window that shows the map, a project explorer to keep track of all map elements, a menu bar, and numerous buttons.


Eye4Software Hydromagic

Sound eye4software correction type. The single beam processing unit has been equipped with a lot of new features, including automatic data cleansing using mean and median filters, and the software can now correct your sounding data for heave, roll and pitch motions when an IMU unit is used.

We just added a new section on our eye4software where we are going to post articles on various subjects. Please eye4software review at http: Hydromagic now listed on Geo-Matching.

Our eye4sofhware is known to be user friendly, easy to learn and low cost compared to other hydrographic survey software packages. Applying eye4software license update After receiving the email with the license update file.