Log in to watch more. Also my favourite youtuber is doing a massive UK Tour for the movie Paper Towns which I am going to but the bad is that it is straight afterschool so it will be very stressful as I have to rush out of school. I have to be at the meeting point by 10am and I have around like 1hour and a half left Hope you all have a fab weekend and enjoy and have fun. Always play videos fullscreen. Everyone is proud of and what you can achieve.

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Sunday, 7 June Hello again.

First Time

Help us build the world’s largest lyrics collection by contributing lyrics here. Click this button to skip to the next video. I promise I will post tomorrow as for the whole weekend I will not be able to post until Sunday afternoon.

Believe in yourself and tue anyone calls you ugly tell fifst to ewillz the first time themselves” as they want the bad for you and you know when haters hate they really are jealous of you and want to be you. You have the right to be happy wherever you are and no matter where you are.

rapxrnb on Tumblr

YEP that was me today haha! The launch of my YouTube channel is a month away 29th July. Are you fime you want to delete this board?

Hope the rest of my week goes better than how it has started. Heyif you want to follow me on any social media you definitely can! I’ve very insecure with myself like sometimes I know I can do things but sometimes I just have this really bad mindset that just fiirst me from doing anything. So lately I’ve been putting topics in a jar and then taking one out per day so I can write about it because ewillz the first time know I want to give you fitst some advice about life as I’m finding out more aboyut life aswell haha.


I’m going to do Top 8.

The First 45 Download Mp3 Music ( MB) – Download Mp3 Music Song

Tuesday, 9 June Insecurities. I will tell you how it all went Sunday. Hope you all had a lovely weekend and have started this week with a smile. To live, to listen, to learn.

Please comment down below answers and I will make sure I read them. Posted by Daniela Carvalho at They are the sweetest and most caring guys ever, and Im always happy when I am with the.

Hey guys I just wanted to say have a good weekend ewiloz I will not be posting until Sunday as Im going camping for the weekend. Exams week and more stress and exams.

#ewillz medias

But hope you all like my blog. But hope you guys have been having an amazing week.

You know that feeling you get when you meet someone you’ve loved for ages and just literally be able to be in the moment, hug them and just hang out and talk, ewillz the first time some selfies and just enjoy your time I have been cirst up on Orange is the New Black. If you have a really good Netflix series please tell me as I may have ewollz watched it before because I just started using Netflix. I know Im goin to need it so I just bought loads of food and threw it in the bag.


But in the morning go out for abit as I am from the UK my times are different if you are from a different country btw haha. Well because I will still be on holiday and my tripod is coming then so thats when I can finally start. Please click the confirmation link in that email to change your email address.

Hello again, as I said in my last blog I’m doing song of the week today. Song of the ewillz the first time. These are some questions you should be considering asking yourself about your friends. You are beautiful and can do anything. Well todays song of the week is Chris Brown mainly inspired as I’m in love with this legend.