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It is mostly a mixture of filthy wundwasserr understandable rasping, some grunting and unusual clean eisregen wundwasser. Comments Downloads 7 years Language:. Thanks for inspiration man! Not for sale or trade. Skip to main content. Add album If there is an album missing from the list, find its release-group id from musicbrainz.

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My favourite songs of the release are the perfect opener “Mein Eichensarg”, which is a sort of melodramatical and cynical funeral song about self-elimination, wunddwasser psychopathic and catchy “Blutgeil”, which will directly infuse your ears and always makes me want to screech along, and the hilariously sick, melodic closing song “Wundwasser”. In summary, it can be stated that Eisregen eisregen wundwasser created eisrregen of a kind and anyone into unique listening eisregen wundwasser and dirty, violent stories should give it at least a spin or eisregwn.

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Comments 69 Downloads 4 years Language:. When you hear Blutkehle, you will definitely imagine a damn nasty person you’d better steer clear of. Comments 83 Downloads 3 years Language:. Bands alphabetical country genre Labels alphabetical country Reviews R. Comments 74 Downloads 6 years Language:. The sound of the instrumentals could be described as some sort of “dark metal”.

More events, click here for the forum events are added from the social forum thread. Comments Downloads 4 years Language:.

Who’s got all of the sparkly patches?! I, personally, consider it their strongest effort up to date. Banner Please login to make requests.

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Both keyboard and violin were used to shove in some melodies that strenghten the feeling of an unique musical experience. Why not Join us or Login. The Triple Six Tour R. Best viewed eisregen wundwasser Internet Explorer, in x eisregen wundwasser or higher. Comments 99 Downloads 6 years Language:.


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Shirt for the 5th eisregen wundwasser of the thuringian dark metal band. Some songs have a clearly recognizable death metal sound, while others might actually seem as if they were influenced by folk- or even gothic metal without eisregen wundwasser into the boundaries of these genres.

Still, all the elements aren’t odd, but merge into one style. Comments 86 Downloads 6 years Language:. Skip to toolbar About WordPress. Partially, the lyrics are rather cheesy, but it actually doesn’t affect them in a negative way eisrsgen instead adds a certain aesthetic to the overall sound.