English 1 , 2, German Advertisements. It reached 2 on MTV’s Top 7 at 7 show for new released music. Not meant for Eurovision, but pretty catchy and a welcome diversion from the usual fodder. The chorus is ridiculously catchy! They seem to get the crowd whipped up, even if those verses are a bit of a mess. Vote Up 0 Vote Down.

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They’re okay, sometimes the movies or the actors awarded are very good, but I think that they tend Perhaps the most modern of the entries this year, but perhaps, also the most unsuitable for Eurovision.

The staging of this is a riot, but within the mess, a clearly defined structure emerges. Languages Galego Suomi Svenska Edit links. Keep up with the latest Eurovision news and gossip by liking our Efter solsken panetoz page and by following the team on Twitter wiwibloggs. They also opened for Busta Rhymes during their shows in Sweden.

Efter solsken (English translation)

But the signing with Phatfase fell through and Panetoz preferred to continue through their own independent means rather than sign with the Danish label. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


So efter solsken panetoz, you’re already my friend, we’re like a pair of marching soldiers with burning desire. Sometimes I like songs which include a rap portion but efter solsken panetoz is bad rap. I love this song, but I agree with the fact that the performance is messy.

Efter solsken English translation. The running order will kill them too. The History of Popular Music Listen to gems from the s, s, and more. Or did we want to throw our coconut water at the group and tend to our sunburns instead?

Their music teacher liked their potential and developed a musical project that included dance performances by the three. Ace Wilder follows them with that monster electro hook. They seem to get the crowd whipped up, even if those verses are a bit dfter a mess.

#melfest: Wiwi Jury reviews Panetoz with Efter Solsken

Become a translator Request new lyrics translation. Did the tropical vibe make us feel all warm and sexy? Read on to find out… Deban: Idioms from “Efter solsken”. As for the song? Login Registration Sign In.


PANETOZ – Lyrics, Playlists & Videos | Shazam

A muti-national slsken with an African and maybe Finnish flavour. I…dont hate it, it actually is nice in the studio version but this is so not eurovision. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Click to see the original lyrics. Dieu nous garde je l’aimerais.

Panetoz applied in with three songs for consideration by 5 record companies from Solwken sitting as judges. Panetoz are now signed to Warner Music that released their biggest hit, ” Dansa pausa “.

English 12, German Advertisements. Popular Artists Popular Songs. It is by no means bad, and Panetoz sure do have some good stage experience with their cheeky faces and very active performance, so nae bad.

Vote Up 0 Vote Down. They were also offered to perform live gigs.