Artist stories Music Talk: I choose their untitled album with untitled songs and made up language. The quartet makes music and visual entertainment in a category of its own. They are amazing for creating new ideas you probably wouldn’t think of otherwise. Hanging out with friends is another neat way to replenish your inspirational resources.

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The quartet makes music and visual entertainment in a category of its own.

What’s your favorite new Reason 9 feature? Then we just mess around with it on the keyboard to find some catchy phrases dunderpatrullen sometimes match dunderpatrulldn dunderpatrullen the respective video.

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We use cookies to improve your site experience. They are amazing for creating new ideas you probably wouldn’t think of otherwise. What do you do when inspiration dunderpatrullen isn’t there?

Hanging out dunderpatrullen friends is another neat way to dunderpatrullen your inspirational resources. Behind the powerful music-making machines, the band members Jim, Stefan, Patrik and Erik fill the musical void left behind by now obsolete retro-consoles you once grew up with and still love. You can’t force inspiration, so chilling out with dunderpatrullen gnarly video game or watching a movie does the trick sometimes.


Do you have any special Reason production trick that you always use?

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dunderpatrullen We had the chance to speak with them about what role Reason plays in their musical dknderpatrullen. Dunderpatrullen is a four-man electro-collaboration dunderpatrullen roots ranging from the wild, untamed forests of northern Sweden to the flower covered fields of southern Scandinavia.

Artist stories Music Talk: The way of getting started with a new song varies. Check out more of Dunderpatrullen’s music over on their website! Jamming along to a loop with drums and a bass line might dunderpatrullen the trick. Sometimes it could be more specific like “I feel like making a really fast and explosive track”, or dunderpatrullen try out this mellow vibe I’ve been thinking of”. Not that we ALWAYS do this, but we work with sampling stuff from our own video clips and turn them into “audiovisual experiments”, as we like to put it.

The three most used devices in your Reason rack? Forcing creativity just tend to dunderpatrullen you frustrated, and creativity and frustration doesn’t match that well. They’ve also been so dunderpatrullen to make two video tutorials dunderpatrullen a couple of their secret tips dunderpatrullen tricks!

For some reason the bathroom has become this holy place for melodies to pop up in the head while taking a shower. The new Pitch Edit is pretty neat as well. Dunderpatrullen takes you on a musical adventure through a full-color shower during which they make you feel like riding a mental roller coaster of nostalgia.


We chop up the audio sample and put it into Recycle to turn it into a rex file.

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The new Player devices, hands down. How do you get started with a new song? I choose dunderpatrullen untitled album with untitled songs and made up language. Gabriel Gassi Artist Feature: Inspiration comes from all types of sources. I think they are really good at creating instrumental music that moves you without the need of explanation with lyrics and titles, and to me that’s a really important part of music.

It could be dunderpatrullen really great video game or movie soundtrack, a random song or sometimes an idea just pops up in your head out of the blue. Newer post Dunderpatrullen post.