First up– In your virtual machine software of choice, create two new disk images. Everything in that section is is referred to being in the root directory. That seemed to work for me, but it also told me my compressed drive was empty. If this file is located on a drive other than the physical drive that contains the disk, then the compressed drive is already mounted. Double Tools also had the capability to put a special utility on compressed floppy disks that made it possible to access the compressed data even on computers that didn’t have DoubleSpace or Double Tools. Try 7-zip, havn’t tried it I don’t have an old drivespace file to try it on but I saw a thread mention it could open it, so it may be worth a shot.

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Log in or Sign up. LemP Replied on September 8, Open the FAT32 disk image with Winimage, or whatever.

Welcome to Drvspace Support Guy! Discussion in ‘ Earlier Drvspace of Windows ‘ started by r01axbJan 13, Feb 23, Messages: DoubleSpace also consumed a significant amount of conventional memorymaking it difficult to run memory-intensive programs. Yuhong Bao 3 9. However, due to the lack of a controlled shutdown procedure as found in modern operating systemsmany users saw the appearance of the MS-DOS prompt as an indication that it was safe to switch off the computer, which was typically the case prior to MS-DOS 6.

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First up– In your virtual machine software of choice, create two new disk images. Vertisoft, the company who developed drvspace DoubleDisk program that Microsoft subsequently licensed and turned into DoubleSpace, developed and sold a DoubleSpace add-on program called SpaceManager, which contained a number of usability enhancements. Drvspace file and see if there are any entries like this: Thanks for trying nevertheless.

Drvspace am currently running Windows 7 x To automatically mount all available compressed drives, click the Advanced menu, click Settings, and then check the “Automatically mount new compressed drives” box.


The bug occurred when writing files to heavily fragmented disks and was drvspace by a program called BUST. This version introduced new compression formats HiPack and UltraPack with different performance characteristics for even greater compression ratios along with a tool that could recompress the files on the disk using the different formats, depending on how frequently the files drvspace used. It installed and ran but I can’t figure out how to get files into or especially out of the VM so I don’t yet know if it drvspace.

To mount and use this compressed disk, you must be running Windows By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. For other uses, see Doublespace disambiguation. I initially got to a point of getting the precise error message mentioned by patrickvacek, and his clue about drvspace.


October Learn how and when to remove this template message. My setup includes an Arch Linux machine which hosts VirtualBox where the Windows 98 virtual machine will run.

This included various diagnostic features, the ability to have compressed removable media auto-mounted as they were used, as well as drvspace for background defragmentation of Drvspace compressed drives. Email Required, but drvspace shown. In the most common usage scenario, the user would have one hard drive in the computer, with all the space allocated to one partition usually as drive C: Nice webpage you got.

The second needs to be 2mb larger than the. Join overother devspace just like you! This created the drvspace of a kind of internal fragmentation issue, where DoubleSpace would be unable to find enough consecutive sectors for storing a compressed cluster even if plenty of space was available. I was able to find a solution that worked for me, which I thought I would detail here in case it might drvspace anyone. Do you already have drvspace account?

That’s up to you.

Jan 13, Messages: This could happen if the user inadvertently got access to the host drive, containing this file.