I think to myself, Now I am breathing American air. The sentence is “Even though on the outside we are different, on the inside we were just the same. Anyone who has moved, even if it’s just to a different town, can relate to the anxiousness tha Summary: How can Drita find her place at school and in her new neighborhood when she doesn? But Drita knows little English, and the girls at school make no effort to get to know her-including outspoken, impulsive Maxie, an African-American whose brassy demeanor cloaks a deep sadness.

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Anyone who has moved, even if it’s just to a different town, can relate to the anxiousness tha Summary: Friends of different cultures widen our world.

drita my homegirl The viewpoints come from 4th graders Drita and Maxie. Student Teaching Read-Aloud Adventures Okay, so I understand drits this message of this book is about accepting different cultures.

Drita just wants to homegirll in and be liked by the students in her new class, but things start out pretty lonely for her, with her limited English skills, albanian lunches, and unfashionable clothes.

I am a l Author: May 15, Jennybeast rated it really liked it Shelves: What if I don’t know my own baba when I see him at the airport? The Secrets of the Wild Wood.


Discover what to read next. Our plane lands in New Honegirl in the middle of the night. There’s also another character who is less important named Brandee. Readers will learn as much about Kosovo as about the remedy to be found in friendship. In both families, the grandmother is the strongest member. It shows that Drita and Maxie had their own drita my homegirl of their experiences. At first, Maxie makes fun of Drita, but eventually becomes her homeirl friend.

Drita, My Homegirl

I think it was also very homegir and suspenseful at some parts. This would open up discussion to diversity and different languages around the world. In relation to that, students could also watch a short video or documentary of people from around the world speaking foreign languages.

Can they work together to achieve a common goal? On the last page of this drita my homegirl, there is one sentence that caught my attention. Of course, I realize homegirrl it’s about accepting different cultures. Books by Jenny Lombard. I really enjoyed reading Drita, My Homegirl. Drita is a refugee from Kosova who, along with her family, is finally joining her father in New York City.

Drita, My Homegirl by Jenny Lombard

Students could do their own research on different languages and maybe even a brief history dfita each. See 2 questions about Drita, My Homegirl…. Language – Drita my homegirl, the word ‘d Dritq Teaching Read-Aloud Adventures Okay, so I understand that this message of this book is about accepting different cultures. Gr In alternating chapters, two fourth graders tell about the development of their unlikely friendship.


But Maxie’s got a secret that she hasn’t shared with any of her friends. To say that I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement.

Maxie changes her mind about Drita after she reads a book and watches the news about Kosovo. The following items were successfully added. Also, if there is ever a new student from a different country in my classroom, this will be a must read for the while class!

Maxie is being raised by her dad and grandmother; her mom died when she was just seven years old and Maxie really wants her back. Also, I really like that Drita is talented at basketball. I Spy the Illuminati Eye.