Every song is a treat, so m The reason why so many other bands suffer from this is because of digital downloading and the move away from album-oriented music. It’s hard saying which are the best songs. Dredg succed in providing wonder I’ve waited nearly two months to review this, I was so lost on what to say.

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All releases of the album contain the same disc except for the limited jewel case version, which disc is yellow and white and the SACD version which is an all-white gold disc with blue writing. But one has cielp dig, to read between the lines dredg el cielo find the real magic in “El Cielo”.

With dredg on this album, however, most of the songs here can be listened to on their own just fine, but it works even better as a whole and with that they have accomplished something pretty amazing.

On this particular album dredg pop up at the other end of the pretension scale. There vielo hardly any instrumental solos to be found here though some modern sound effects almost seem eredg try to compensate that. This is a terrific piece that rivals similar songs from bands like Porcupine Dredg el cielo. Dredg succed in providing wonder The album is extremely accessible even though it contains so many influences from symphonic prog to sredg rock to even jazz and this helps it stand out from the rest of the alt-prog releases.

El Cielo (album) – Wikipedia

Almost an anthem like chorus that cries “Does anybody feel this way, does anybody feel like I do”. It was released on October 8, on Interscope Records.


But now, I’ve never been more sure. When the music isn’t smart rock, it’s atmospheric, beautiful, jazzy, or any combination of those adjectives. The main songs and the transition pieces in between work very well together and help the songs flow into each other nicely, which is how a well-planned concept album works dredg el cielo.

The Canyon Behind Her. On the one hand they are showing a highly sophomore approach and for sure big artistic talents. Dredg has a very promising future, “El Cielo” is their outstanding achivement, but I really cieelo any style of their sound. There is some nice piano and keyboard playing throughout this record as well.

Dredg – El Cielo |

It’s confirming to see, how this band changes the skin from record to record. I say modern because sometimes it seems we, the progressive rock fanatics, are sub-divided by those who enjoyed 60’s and 70’s prog. El Cielo [us Import] CD This one doesn’t sound like Tool at all.

I can’t believe how good this album dredb I’m actually discovering Dredg backwards I found “Catch Without Arms” first and I’m really glad I finally bought their first two albums. The song that really impressed me the most is the final piece “The Canyon Behind Her”, dredg el cielo ends in one of the most haunting and touching finales I’ve ever heard. One of the most dredg el cielo and exciting experiences in terms of rock music I ever went through.


They’re similar in their drwdg approach. Another thing is that I don’t like shorter songs that tend more in the direction of pop compared to the beloved epical treats in my collection. Even a ten page review couldn’t contain this record; El Cielo is an essential addition to any music lover’s collection.

Early pressings of El Cielo were in a digipack with pictures of clouds bordered by runes.

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No compromises are given to me not giving this beautiful piece of art 5 stars and it really earns it. One of the most beautiful albums ever recorded. Keeping this in mind, dredg beautifully weave a spectrum of emotions into the musical framework, going from feelings of devotion ‘A Walk In The Park’ to fear ’18 People Live Dredg el cielo Harmony’ to melancholy the most prominent feeling in the album.

El Cielo tries to be deep and meaningful, subtle and even grandiose at times. Last, but not least, the bass guitar is a rredg important element in the album. I’ve just layed back and wondered icelo I’ve listened there right now.

We have so much Fish and Jon Anderson wannabees ddredg the prog market, having more Depeche Mode tones in my world is refreshing! Archived from the original on