Learn more More Like This. I have just watched it again as an adult and I still find it a bit of a seat gripper though it is very dated. However, overall the Afrikaans version is significantly shorter, thus suggesting that the English one may be more “complete”. The boy was eventually rescued by his Dad. After a phone call to South Africa and a lot of arguing my Mother reminded me that as a kid we saw a movie called “Dirkie” at the drive-in in Joh’burg. I think we can all agree that the Kalahari desert is far worse than the Canadian wilderness.

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A clever fortune-hunter with a penchant for murder does in his elderly, supposedly rich, wife and manages to get away with it. We should form a club of those disturbed by Dirkie. The Running Man I’m not sure, in this age of digital knock-em deadness, that it would hold up with a modern audience, but at the time I fesert found it an engrossing story of survival. Views Read Edit View history. An 8-year-old boy and his dog are left to face a vast desert wasteland alone after a plane crash, while an army of men and machines penetrate the desert searching for them.

Cash on Demand Its very heavy for a young post, but I do seem to remember that later on he finds his dog, and realises he acted like a jerk. Edit Did You Know? The father goes to shoot the dog as it is in pain, however he realises that the dog has dirkie lost in the desert save his son, and of course sirkie doesn’t.

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‎Dirkie () directed by Jamie Uys • Reviews, film + cast • Letterboxd

These puppies of course die later on deesrt there is no sustenance for them. I saw this movie as a double feature with Oliver Diriie the one with Mark Lester as Oliver and both movies have lived in my heart ever since.

Was it possible perhaps that dirkie lost in the desert had hyenas in the Australian desert? Planet Of The Nerds. There’s certainly some unintentional humour – mostly from the bloody-minded lack of sentimentality, and the trials heaped upon poor Dirkie lay it on a bit thick, kn young Wynand dives into the role with aplomb and wins you over pretty quickly. I too remember this poor kid being chased by ostriches and getting stung by a scorpion. I believe you see the dead pilot at some point which is very traumatizing to a kid.

They’re the sole survivors of a small plane crash in the Namibian desert, forced to trek for survival while those at home conduct a desperate search. The most memorable scene was Dirkie walking in a circle blinded by the snake and holding a flyer his father had dropped for him to find.

I remember absolutely clearly the scene where the boy thinks the natives have cooked his dog, the boy realising that he has just eaten his only friend.

He died in A young blind woman is pursued by a maniac while staying with family in their country manor. I was cheering for the boy very hard, hoping that he would survive and be rescued.

It gave me nightmares. Edit Storyline Filmed in the most dangerous wastelands, the Kalahari Desert, “Lost in the Desert” is a story of suspense, conflict and incredible human courage as an 8-year-old boy and his dog are left to face this vast wasteland alone after an airplane crash, while an army of men and machines penetrate the desert searching for them. A child and a dog tortured by the forces of nature- to the dirkie lost in the desert point of death. Strangely enough, I too saw this movie when I was really young but as I grew up wondered if it was just a dream.


I was a young boy when I watched this movie and I always wanted to have his courage.

Dirkie, Lost In the Desert

Dirkie DVD beckystodd 13 January Through a web search I see this wasn’t the original title. I have been trying in vain to find “Dirkie” on video for many years.

Keeping this in mind, the movie actually fits more into the arena of dirkie lost in the desert expression, containing the unique point of view of an artist who is working through some deep-seated issues. I was blown away by this movie. All the skillful survival stuff he did was amazing for an eight-year-old However, it makes me doubt that, in real life, a boy that age would be as smart and resourceful as Dirkie is. It comes with a labeled case and is very professional looking.