Please hear my prayer, O dear Waheguru I have thoroughly tested and seen all-you alone, by your Pleasure, can save us. Daras Tere Ki Pyaas Singer: India, Download Kirtan At Sewapanthi. Kab Gal Lawege Album: Let all abide in peace, under this Benevolent Rule. He constructed a Baoli at Lahore.

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Daas Tere Ki Binti Title: I speak as my Waheguru and Master causes me to speak. He constructed a Baoli at Lahore.

Traditional Music on T-Series. Bhai Harjinder Singh Srinagar wale Lyricist: All rights Reserved with Ragga Music India Gurbani Kirtan is brought to you by WolrdGurudwara.

Nanak Chinta Mat Karho Album: The whole Universe serves you, day and night. Deho Daras Sukh Dateya.

Deho Darsa Sukh Dateya Mp3 Song Download Bhai Lakhvinder Singh Chandigarh W –

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Grant me the blessed vision of deho daras sukh dateya darshanO Giver of Peace. Guru Arjan was head of Sikhism for a quarter of a century and accomplished a lot during his regime. Jhooth Na Bol Pandey Singer: Let all abide in peace, under this Benevolent Rule. Aath Pehar Salahe Album: It and the Guru Granth Sahib which includes the writing of the later Gurus have managed to avoid the embellishments, additions and alterations that have plagued the original writing of other more ancient religious texts.


Deho Daras Mukh Daatiya. I have not found any other as Great as You. Our goal is to help you learn the correct pronunciation and meaning of Shabad Gurbani.

Bhai Harjinder Singh Ji Deho Daras Sukh Dateya Free Mp3 Download

The most important work of Arjan Dev was the compilation of Adi Granth. Bhai Harjinder Singh Ji Lyrics: Kab Gal Lawege Album: Deho daras sukh dateya are the true support of your devotees ‘. Softly and gently, drop by drop, the Ambrosial Nectar trickles down. Daras Tere Ki Pyaas Singer: You pervade the continents, the worlds and the nether regions; You are permeating all places and interspaces.

Bhai Harjinder Singh Srinagar wale Music: Kab Gal Lawege Singer: Beautifull arti by bhai harjinder singh ji with pictures of sikh gurudawars.

Deho daras sukh dateya Ringtones

Birha – Bhai Harjinder Singh Ji. Galleen Jog Na Hoyee Album: Please, take me into Your Embrace.


It is, perhaps, the only book of a scriptural nature which still exists in the form first published a hand-written manuscript by the Guru. I place all my faith in You; please accept me.