Open the door and leave the room. You are now in the Laboratory. Walk down 3 times, then enter the door on the left. Click on the Power Supply Box to see it more closely. Mi6 has sent one of their top agents to help contain the calamity before these elemental forces destroy the world. The cylinder FUSE will go into your inventory.

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33 Games Like CrossWorlds: the Flying City

Click on the Keypad aqua. Return to the Fountains and drag the Vial to the center fountain to fill it with Life Water green. Start by putting the Gear on the correct place green. Internet Explorer 7 or later. Pull the lever X. You will take the crowbar.

Put the Robo-hand in the large empty box yellow. Once played, the Seed will be put in your Inventory. Click on the machine; when enlarged, take the CD piece fuchsia. Give the robot the Coin and pick up the Oil Can that appears just as earlier in the game. Rated croasworlds out of 5 by denniann2 from kind of hard and i had to refer to the walkthrough a lot. Talk to the master M. You will enter a Hidden Objects scene. Your Security and Privacy are important to us!


Restore the broken pot. Click on the key hole on the trunk. Cross the bridge, then walk right. Click on the Gem to try to take it blue. Click to crossworlds the flying city 2 to the River God yellow. Select the sparkling area for a hidden object scene. Exit the hut and return to the Ladder area walk down three times. Place the Emerald in the compartment under the right statue fuchsia.

Enter the code that can be found in your Journal, then press Enter aqua. Talk to the fisherman until he sparkles. YES in the form of a digital pad-type device. Note the broken pottery on the table I. Exit the bus and walk down the alley. Now the glass must be repaired; the pieces will need to be fit together like a puzzle as well.

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Takes 40 seconds to recharge. Note the locked door fuchsia. Try to put the head on the robot green. Then crossworls to the robot until red sparkles appear. Open the center drawer to find the insect J. Find the matching color above the upper set of screws S. Set the clock to 3: Take the two gears fuchsia. Place the Totem on the stump fuchsia.