Commit failed details follow: Escpecially the startup time has been reduced a lot, which will be most noticeable for very big repositories. Property dialogs Handling SVN properties is now much easier. Another feature the log dialog has is that it highlights filter matches in red. This page describes only major changes.

collabnet subversion 1.7.9

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RPM resource subversion

This replaces the separate dialog that popped up in previous versions since many users got annoyed colkabnet that pop up dialog. X] Named transaction doesn’t exist. This page describes only major changes. It requires at least Windows XP with service pack 3 to work.

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This makes it easy to make quick changes to a file without having to check out a whole working copy. We recommend that you commit all changes to your working copy using your pre Compatibility concerns Local Client Compatibility Subversion working copies are sometimes accessed using several different clients, e.

X] Error writing base64 data: If you right-click on an shbversion working copy, TortoiseSVN only shows you one command in the context menu: This directory includes among other things an SQLite-backed database which contains all of the metadata Subversion needs for that working copy.


If you ckllabnet an antivirus on the server or client, make sure that it does not touch your server and repositories. Most noticeable may be the increase in performance.

collabnet subversion 1.7.9

Repository browser The repository browser shows folders that are included with the svn: Once you’ve upgraded your working copies, older SVN clients won’t be able to access those working copies. There are also cases where a new feature will work but will run less efficiently if the client is new and the server old.

Property dialogs Handling SVN properties is now much easier. Log dialog The log dialog doesn’t look much different. Post as a guest Name.

Unknown error [, ] [Mon Jan 09 Another feature the log dialog has is that it highlights filter matches in red.

Anything in earlier versions is also in 1. Client Server Compatibility Older clients and servers interoperate transparently with 1.

RPM resource subversion

How do we handle problem users? You can find out more about this new format in the Subversion 1. Upgrading the Working Copy Subversion 1.


collabnet subversion 1.7.9

Sparse checkouts If you only need a working copy that has only a few folders of the project, you have to do a so called sparse checkout. This helps usbversion get a better overview of the changes without too much scrolling.

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Most dollabnet the properties you want or need to set on your working copies can now be set and modified without knowing the exact format. While it was possible to save the graph as a wmf filethat format can only be used on Windows. If the upgrade fails for any reason, just make a fresh checkout.

collabnet subversion 1.7.9

But in its core it gained a lot of changes. Windows 7 Library The explorer in Windows 7 introduced libraries, which are containers for files and folders that have something in common. Please have a look at the docs to find out about all of them. Improving the question-asking experience.