It now remembers the word wrap setting correctly. Fix wildcards ignored when searching window titles. We have just fixed it. When you purchase ClipCache you are purchasing a license, allowing full operation of the program, and removal of trial period restrictions. I use it religiously every day.

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Support Vista’s clipcache listener – it’s more reliable than the clipboard chain and should put an end to broken clipboard chains under Vista. Add new option to ignore duplicate consecutive captures, for improved duplicate clip checking. Made some labels clipcache bit clearer to understand in ClipMenu options dialog.

You can download this from the download page. Added clipcache command, File ArchiveDatabaseAs that will save the database as a copy. XRayz Clipcache – Aug 15 at 8: Why does my firewall indicate that ClipCache is attempting to contact the Internet occasionally?

The free version is okay, but pretty bare bones, as are all free versions. Item sorting by columns: Added clipcache command to clear the current contents of the clipboard Edit EmptyClipboard. Right-click drag-drop with clipcache menu is now supported, instead of only left-click drag-drop. Clipcache database format has changed; the new format is not compatible with older versions of ClipCache.


Microsoft Office is widely publicizing it’s ” improved clipboard ” which now allow the clipboard to store a paltry 12 clips and offers very little additional functionality. Preview pane scrollbars failed to proportionally re-size immediately after changing the font with View SetFont – fixed.

I still handcode html for a couple of sites and I have never, ever been without this utility. We’ve been around since the 90’s and with the new release of ClipCache Pro 3. Click here to review our site terms of use. ClipCache has registered users in more than 50 countries worldwide!

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With the standard windows clipboard, anything you cut-and-paste is lost from the clipboard as soon as you clipcache something else. I clipcache the directories that I can create and organize my clips in. I have downloaded the new version of ClipCache, do I need to uninstall the current version? I have been using its capabilities almost to the limit.

This has always been the first utility, after AV, that I’ve installed on so many computer upgrades over clilcache years. Added command Clipcache PurgeGroup to clipcache purging of just one group. Whether you just go ahead and buy it now, or try out the shareware version first, we know you will really enjoy managing your data with ClipCache Pro.


Search bar to help clipcache quickly access your clips. Added support clipcache saving Rich Clipcache clips as a separate file. The website link is faulty. To do this, install the desktop version on any computer choosing the language that you want. Copying from an application still clipdache to the active group however. Added preview pane context menu. ClipCache Pro’s multipaned interface features a preview window, a text editor, and a clip browser.

However, it can run any of the supported languages.

ClipCache Pro

This may be the culprit. It offers us the capability to efficiently store, manage and retrieve bits of data for insertion in news clipcache feature stories. Hope they enjoy it.!