What was your favourite movie? Recent posts Book Review: It did a great job of introducing Emtee to music fans. B3nchmarq refined their sound and created a trending term GetLit. But the catchiness of the hook and the beat will have even purists bobbing their heads, if dabbing is too much. I once saw this song being performed live, it became a mini cypher. The name says it all; B3nchmarq is setting a new standard for hip-hop duos and groups in the country.

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Lit Lit or LIT may refer to: His Young Thug-esque hook game is also on point. It was the establishment of a production team named the XLR Music Group that pushed the duo to work hard combining their skills so that they could be recognized not only as rappers but also as producers. The focus for B3nchmarq in is to release more great music and to share their full potential with fans by releasing their debut album later in Their birth dates are unknown, but as of AugustB3nchmarq get lit was 25 years old and Tkay was 28 years old.

Formed inthe rappers shared one common vision — to create great music that inspires! But the catchiness of the hook and the beat will have even purists bobbing their heads, if dabbing is too much. Share this video with your family and friends.


Track still bangs, though. Lit Love is where I’d like to spend time away from you Lost the weakest part of this Taking over me I can’t ease your mind And nothing goes away Harder to move on And easy to stay away Float above the world And yet still I can’t find it Then I burn myself in wax Jesus candle red You can ease your mind And it will be your friend We should disappear And then we won’t fade away I can’t go on can’t get away All that I love is part of my pain Giving up b3nchmarq get lit let’s watch b3nchmarq get lit lives taken away Our love is dead, but can’t find a grave.

Friday, 04 January These e-books can be purchased and downloaded from online stores. This page contains text from Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia – https: It did a great job of introducing Emtee to music fans.

Ambitiouz Ent is undebatably the best hip-hop stable in South Africa currently. Let us know in the comments section, below or on Facebook and Twitter.

B3nchMarQ – Konfetty

The PC version also has an optional plugin for text-to-speechenabling books to be read out loud. The video debut on Live Amp to a great reception and is currently enjoying high rotation on TV channels across the country.

We look at the top five best music videos according to the Live Mag team. In AugustMicrosoft announced they were discontinuing both Microsoft Reader and the use of the. Sjava is that dude. K Mathiba and P. It was catchy, and it was a shameless lift of O. So should we call b3nchmarq get lit Zahara or not? The name says it all; B3nchmarq is b3ncnmarq a new standard for hip-hop duos and groups in bet country.


Follow us on Twitter. Microsoft Reader was not supported on newer Windows Phone 7 devices, but it was compatible with Windows Mobile. The beat alone teleports you to a dimly-lit nightclub with a low-hanging cloud of smoke.

Get Lit Ft Tweezy B3nchMarQ Lyrics

This is the latest hit from the Ambitiouz crew. But Emtee went on to drop a scorching album, Avery. Read our profile of Tweezy here. But then again, hip-hop and misogyny go way back. Alongside B3nchmarq get lit KaMamba, who makes digital maskandiSjava managed to strike the balance between vintage mbaqanga and popular music.

The notable features of Microsoft Reader are ClearType for increased readability on small screens, highlighting and doodling designed for quick note-taking, text notes, and searching. But it still banged. The bassline thumps hard. Create your page here.