Read more about converting Authentic Forms to MobileTogether apps. Flexible integration of external programs — add up to 10 external programs that be directly accessed inside Authentic. Company News Partners Careers Legal. Charts as a new design element — lets users view and in some cases even indirectly edit charts and graphs designed in StyleVision. No internal macro execution or event handling. Authentic scripting lets developers create robust content editing applications for business users.

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Authentic supports integration with Eclipse, and altova authentic support is available for the most recent versions of the Eclipse IDE. SVG image formats Scripting editor supports. When Authentic Desktop is accessed via its COM interface see Programmers’ Reference to see how this can be donethe security check is not done and the Authentic Script Warning dialog is not displayed. Luckily, customers have a path to continue using existing Authentic forms built in StyleVision by converting them to MobileTogether designs.

Authentic offers business users the ability to directly edit XML or database content through easy-to-use document templates, with the benefits of real-time validation and customizable templates for the most demanding enterprise content editing. Install this free integration package to take advantage of Authentic integration with Visual Studio and Eclipse, or to use Authentic as an ActiveX control. When you start desktop version of the software, you will be prompted to altova authentic a license keycode, which you will receive via email.


Note, however, that in the trusted version of Authentic Browser plug-in, internal scripting is turned off because of security concerns. Authentic has long been available as a browser plug-in in addition altova authentic a desktop application. Initialize the javascript variable to be used in the scripts.

The HTML code below generates a page that has the following features: The documentation for Authentic Scripting is available in the documentation of StyleVision. Operating System Windows, bit Windows, bit.

Performance improvements — Authentic has been optimized for significantly improved performance.

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By adding to the design event handlers that react to Authentic View events. Authentic altova authentic with a set of ready-to-use templates that comply with many of the most prevalent industry standard XML vocabularies for content creation. Company News Partners Careers Legal. Authentic Features for Developers.

No internal macro execution or event handling.

With Authentic enterprise forms, business users can query and create content using familiar conventions from existing business forms and office productivity applications, without being exposed to the underlying XML or relational database technology. If you need to access previous software releases e.

Support for new database versions: Authentic now supports connecting to the latest version of the following databases: Click No to not add the folder containing the file to the Trusted Locations list. To complement altova authentic Authentic installation, you may wish to download altova authentic additional free components available below.

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The Altova authentic and Replace buttons pop up the Find and Replace dialogs respectively. Start a FREE day trial or activate with your purchased license key code. Altoova complete listing of support for this feature in Altova products is given in the table below. Subsequently, all files in the trusted folder will be opened In Authentic View without this warning dialog being displayed first. The Trusted Locations list can be accessed via the menu command Authentic Trusted Locationsand modified.


Authentic, for end users, is an intuitive tool for data collection and content authoring. Altova authentic Edition with advanced features — available as a desktop application or browser plug-in.

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NET assemblies for scripting — easy access to external. For XML- and SQL-focused solution developers, Authentic is an enterprise-scale forms and workflow platform, offering a comprehensive feature set and integration with other enterprise systems and resources. Altova authentic file for bit or bit Internet Altova authentic. If you do so, be sure to use the IP Address and the correct path to the respective files in the URLs that locate the the XPI file, the xsdxmland sps files, and any other resource on the server.