E-MAIL required – will not be published -. I hope to see more of this. I’m So Cool 6. Behind my painted smile, when all the revolutionary noise is nothing but a lost little boy Confused and insecure, arrogant and oversure Egotistical prick, so come on, please praise me more. Why is Theresa May helping them? How do we fight back? Absolute Power is a highlight of the mixtape, with Akala taking a more mellow tone over a stringed sample.

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Follow AkalaMusic on Twitter. Akala — Malcolm Said It New hip-hop: Knowledge Is Power Volume 1 is definitely one of the highlight releases ofand sees Akala on top form, educating, elevating, entertaining and inspiring poser fresh hip-hop and grime instrumentals.

Really delete this comment? I’m So Cool 6.


This gets to knowkedge core of what Knowledge Is Power is all about. When not making music Akala spends some of his time running the Hip Hop Shakespeare Company, a music theatre production outfit he founded.

We arm ourselves with knowledge: On Behind My Painted SmileAkala and Lowkey give their listeners a glipse of the vulnerability and contradictions that lie behind the exterior of confidence and contentedness that they both project. In such a context, it seems evident that Knowledge is Power: Album Reviews Song Reviews. Beat Knowledge Promoting conscious, positive music and resisting the corporate domination of youth culture.

Volume 1 is destined to be an era-defining contribution to an always-morphing, always-necessary artistic form.

Rapid-fire knowledge, moving chorus from Selah and a dope, energetic beat make this another standout track of the project. Tuesday, September 18, The last verse where the two rappers go back to back is a definite high point of the mixtape, and the laid-back Last Resort beat works perfectly. Cheeeek that out dude. Nov 27, 0: Marking 70 Years of Palestinian dispossession, and resistance Saturday, May 12, Subscribe to Ceasefire newsletter.


The final — and title — track is akwla spot-on ending to the mixtape. Sahara Nights Roundhouse Studio Theatre. All News Daily Roundup.

Knowledge is Power Mixtape, Vol. 1 by Akala on Spotify

When it comes to dropping knowledge over hip-hop and grime beats, who can do it like Akala? The message is loud and clear:. Political Journeys Monday, March 21, 0: The intense beat from Skilloso works beautifully with the lyrics. Having said that, from his freestyles Akala has already warned us off: Jaja Soze — The Rape. Something Inside My Head. Make sure your selection starts and ends within the same node.

For Are You An MCAkala brings in the akala knowledge is power mixtape skills of Durrty Goodz — one of the most gifted lyricists the UK has ever produced — and Dexplicit — one of the most respect producers on the grime scene — to provide a lesson to some of the up-and-coming MCs who might think that becoming an MC is a shortcut to respect and money. Behind my painted smile, when all the revolutionary noise is nothing but a lost little boy Confused and insecure, arrogant and oversure Egotistical prick, so come on, please praise me more.

Knowledge is Power Mixtape, Vol. 1

The HSC deliver education programmes and live performances in schools and theatres around the country, aiming to engage young people and help them develop skills in performing arts. Is it kids making bait rap videos claiming to be killers? Don’t let them tell you ’bout yourself Never that’s your wealth Look around hip hop’s becomes this global voice But we must understand its roots so we can have a choice What we should do with it how to use it How to teach our students Cos Viacom is not our cultural institution Akala knowledge is power mixtape it will use this culture for its prostitution And our destruction, anything but a solution The ghetto dilemma’s as bad as its ever been People are dead, just ain’t rememberin’ Roots of the rhythm and bass [?


No ignorance It just just his head that is numbing the pain Only the clever shit should ever change Our development towards an aim No bro, push of the chain Training the muscle is training the brain It is the same if you push through the pain Once you are strong you are never the same Your manner your swagger The way that you stand up The way that you work with your boys as a rapper I’ve seen a killer convert from a trapper To working with yout dem and tellin’ em man up I am not telling you it will get better But if we are to fight we must keep our jab up C’mon my people akala knowledge is power mixtape up.