For More Updates Subscribe to my weblog. This is the reason Thousands of pilgrims are camping in Braj’s forests. This mythological travel of the land of Brij is thousands years old. The Char Dham, four abodes or four sacred pilgrimage centers of Hinduism, in all the four sides respectively. Lord Shiva liked the idea and went and requested Lord Vishnu to become his spiritual Guru.

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These seems a place where every one nature lover and adventure lover wants to visit. People say that about years ago, when the Lord was just about 5 years old, his parents express their keen desire to Krishna, that they want to go on a pilgrimage Char Dham Yatra. I have seen many cars climbing the mountain which led to Badrinath, Gangotri, and Yamunotri.

It really a place to visit and lost yourself in the pure air. I recommend this place to the peace seekers, religious, living person, and mountain lovers. Instead of not having a famous stand, this place gets visitors 84 kos brij yatra far and wide.

It’s amazing to see old to innocent, weak to brave, ill to healthy and rich to poor become a devotee; whose only mission of life in this trip is to attain blessings of saints and bathe 84 kos brij yatra or her soul in the love shower of Sri RadhaKrishna.


The things which have blown away my koa are: Day 1 March 19, Golden triangle tour 7 days April 3, at 8: Feel the presence of almighty and just keep chanting the holy name.

About a few months ago I was just bitten by a travel bug and the remedy to stop the poison which is running in my veins is this the journey to the world’s heart. Krishna and Arjun Story Once Arjun asked brim lord Krishna hai, parth Respectful person you always appreciate the karn too much for being an enormous donator and the extreme courageous but nobody Lets tour bharat September 24, at Kedarnath Temple, as like the original one it is situated on the top of the hill very beautifully.

RadheKrishn have proper route map for 84 Kosh 84 kos brij yatra Yatra. Site Glossary Glossary by Alphabets: Every deity or temple you visit a new experience is gained by the soul. The steps of that Kedarnath Yatra are just nose-bleeding up from the grounds.

Radha Naam Sang Brij 84 Kos Yatra (Radhe Radhe Barsane Wali Radhe)

But he did not have any spiritual teacher! With an uninterrupted vista out over the gracious 884, you will feel the magic in the air. Journey concludes after making servings and offering to saints. Lord Vishnu accepted his request and they decided to meet at the bank of river Birija. Krishnaji requested Yamunaji to come on earth and the Birija river water was mixed in it!


Cez of eTramping April 1, at 9: Neelkanth Mahadev as like the ks situated above the Rishikesh and much more amazing things.

The legends of 84 kos Brij Yatra | places to visit in Barsana | Day 02

Below is guide we follow during the trip of seven days. About steps we have to hunt down in order to have a glimpse of Lord Mahadev. Your email address will not be published.

There is a statue of Bihari ji in this temple. The whole Vrij Mandal region is widely spread in 84 koswhich a kos stands for 3.

Brij 84 kos Yatra With Devi Chitralekha deviji

Radha Krishna Spritual Portal. This is the reason Thousands of pilgrims are camping in Braj’s forests. Click to Call Agritourism More. Rbij both had to bear the pangs of separation to complete the curse!